Bed Bugs Control

Bed bugs have had a major resurgence in Australia and every year the problem seems to be getting worse. Although information on actual numbers of Bed Bugs in Australia are not readily available, it seems more Bed Bug control jobs are going to fewer specialist companies such as Jim’s Pest Control.

Bed Bugs can

  • Cause major distress with their feeding habits. They feed on our blood at night when we are asleep.
  • Cause swelling and some skin irritation
  • Cause allergic reactions in some people

Important Information for Hotels

We understand the need for complete confidence when dealing with a bed bug eradication program. We also understand the need to respond promptly and ensure the room can be made available in the shortest possible time. We will endeavour to ensure your downtime is kept to an absolute minimum where possible.

What we do

To enable us to have an effective bed bugs control program, we thoroughly inspect your building concentrating on your sleeping areas. Bed bugs are nocturnal meaning they come out after dark and this is also when they feed. Bed Bugs can be found in mattresses, bed bases, crevices and even behind pictures on the wall.

Once we locate the population, we can start our integrated program and bed bugs treatment. We treat all affected areas with safe insecticides and concentrate on their harbourages so most of the insecticide is out of sight.

We also supply a range of effective mattress encasements at a very competitive price which will ensure a much better outcome.

What you can do with our help and advice

You will need to wash bedding and clothing in hot water. Thorough vacuuming of all hard floor areas, carpets, rugs and soft furniture is also required. Double bag the contents of your vacuum cleaner and dispose in the rubbish bin immediately.

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Bed bugs are blood sucking parasitic pests. They love to feed on human blood, and would do so quite unaware to the host. Though they are not always nocturnal, they would take every opportunity to feed, on a host when provided the chance.
In the early half of the 1900’s bed bugs were eradicated in some countries, but with the human populace now in more frequent travel, they have again re-infested most countries. Increase in air travel has seen a major increase in bed bugs re-infestation.
Bed bugs mate with the male piercing the abdomen cavity of the female with it’s pin like genitalia to inseminate. Though the female has a reproductive tract, it is not used. This is called traumatic insemination. This practice tends to make males mate with other males.
Bed bugs could live for about nine months, and during that time females would lay about three to four eggs on a daily basis. It is estimated that they could lay around five hundred eggs during their lifetime. The amount of eggs that a female would lay depends on the nutrition level of that particular female.
Young bed bugs go through five initial stages and a final adult stage, where they could reproduce.


Bed bugs are always parasitic, and needs a hot blooded host to survive. They are not known to generally feed on pets and other animals, though there are some species which would feed on animals. They would always try to live close to a host when they find one.
They have the ability to travel distances clinging onto clothes, luggage and similar items till they find a host. Bed bugs are vulnerable to temperatures above 46 degrees C, and all stages from larvae to adult are killed in about seven minutes. They cannot survive temperatures below -32 degrees C.
It is interesting to note that human DNA can be recovered from bed bugs up to 90 days after it has fed on a human. This has helped forensic experts to solve some crimes. It is also known that they can survive up to one year in ideal situations without feeding.
Bed bugs prefer to feed on exposed skin of a sleeping person. Soft areas like the neck, face, hands would be ideal for feeding for a hungry bed bug. A full feed could last to about 20 minutes, and that would be sufficient till the next feed, at five to ten day intervals.


Bed bugs prefer human blood and they thrive well when they find easy human prey. They would hide in little crevices and cracks in furniture, especially beds and chairs. If they have access to human blood they will readily feed on the host.
Though they are not known to transmit diseases from human to human, their bite could leave itching and rashes on a host. A host who is allergic to insect bites could develop severe repercussions from their bites.
Under ideal weather conditions bed bugs are known to survive up to a year without feeding. They are very resilient insects and could live in hibernation for long periods till they find human blood sources.
Denying them a ready blood source and with systematic bed bugs control initiatives they can be eradicated from our homes and offices. They infest public transport systems and areas where large concentrations of humans congregate to satisfy their lust for human blood. Being very small in size they can easily go undetected and find their way into homes and offices.
Once they find a fruitful place they will breed and can cause immense psychological anxieties to humans. Having bed bugs at your home or office does not project a good image to those who come visiting you on business or socially.


Bed bugs always return to their shelter or hiding place after feeding. If it cannot find a host to feed it will look for one and if it does not find one it will it will return to it’s shelter. Once they have a ready human host they will propagate in abundance. This is why we need to check our beds and similar furniture to find them if we have the slightest indication that they are around.
Bed bugs control is an ongoing exercise if we have had an infestation and have taken steps to rectify the problem. Depending on the gravity of our problem, we would need to call upon bed bugs control experts to advice us on the most appropriate action.
They will use their training and experience to locate their hiding places and take the necessary action. Following up on such action taken is advisable as with larvae and eggs left behind you could have re-infestation occurring unknown to you. Sustained action would be needed to completely eradicate them from your homes and offices.
Professionals who undertake bed bugs control initiatives are knowledgeable and would always advice you on the best proactive action to see that no such re-infestation occurs. Identifying all their hiding places and directing action towards them has to be left to the professionals.


Bed bugs infestation can be detected with tell tale signs of their faeces which are small sand like dark spots scattered in seams of mattresses, bed sheets, beds etc. Bed bugs have a distinct smell, which is similar to rotting raspberries.
Blood smears on bed sheets would also indicate the presence of bed bugs around the area. Being elusive in nature they can conceal themselves well during the day, and come out of their shelters to fee on their host at night.
Their feeding times would generally be between 10 PM and 6 AM, and would take their fill of blood and retreat to their shelters. Bed bugs could live singly but once it has established itself in a particular environment it will find others and then continue to live in clusters. They will breed well in cool and damp conditions.
It is always better to be safe than sorry later and be attentive to the incidence of all pests in our abodes. Having pests like bed bugs is an undesirable irritant and doing everything possible to eradicate them is necessary. Bed bugs control if required must be carried out conscientiously and professionally.


There is no evidence that bed bugs transmit diseases from host to host, but their bite can cause irritation and in some cases rashes. Being bitten regularly could cause psychological problems in some individuals.
They have razor sharp teeth that can virtually saw into our skin. Once they get through our skin which is not a very arduous task for them they can get their fill of our blood, mostly unknown to us.
They inject saliva mixed with anti-coagulants and painkillers to keep the host undisturbed till they get their fill of blood. Generally the hosts would not feel the bites, as they will be in deep slumber. The bites can only irritate after the hosts wakes up and finds the bite marks on their bodies.
Bites from bed bugs whilst not venomous can still cause desirable after effects. It is always advisable to eradicate them from our homes and offices. They spread quite fast like all other household pests, and can be irritants to our wellbeing and that of our loved ones.
Children may not cope well as adults if bitten by bed bugs. Their sensitive skins and naturally weak defensive systems may not withstand continuous bites, and could be prone to sickness. We need to keep our children safe from all household pests, lest they contact sicknesses.


There has been a surge in bed bugs after the late 1980’s and many pest control companies now specialize in combating this menace. Combating this menace is generally two pronged, one is with the use of safe insecticides and the other is putting into place more natural remedies.
This is due to them building up immune systems against regularly used insecticides. It is the prolific use of pesticides against them that has created this situation.
Where it’s use is possible hot boiling water is a very effective deterrent and one of the most common used in undeveloped countries. This very low cost bed bugs control action is effective as they cannot survive under extreme hot conditions.
Boiling water which is easily available is a very natural way of eradicating them provided you could use it without causing damage to valuables.
Having a bed bugs control and an effective one too, is very important. We could end up with a major catastrophe in our hands if we do not pay proper and urgent attention to our pest problems.
Once the problem is aggravated, controlling it could be a major task.


We need to take stock of what types of pests we are breeding in our households. There are laws that govern the breeding of pests which are harmful to us as well as to others in our community.
Regular monitoring of our premises is advisable. If we cannot do it on our own, due to constrains in time we need to get personnel from outside to check on it. Employing trained, experienced and reliable personnel is imperative.
Commissioning unqualified personnel can cause us more problems than we envisage. It is always better to get the best in the business and trust their judgement to help us with our pest control problems.
Solving our bed bugs control problem is also part of this overall effort to keep our household free from undesirables. Pests like bed bugs, cockroaches, rats, termite etc can cause us not only mental anxiety but also severe financial loss.
Taking a hard look at the problem and taking corrective measures is very important. Neglecting the problem can bring us graved problems in the near future.


Re-infestation occurs when we bring eggs larvae or even adult bed bugs on our clothing, luggage, and various other things we bring into our homes. We need to take a close look at what we bring from outside and mainly give our clothes a thorough look.
One adult clinging onto our clothes that we wear can re-infest our home or office. Once one of these places is infested then infesting the other would be only a matter of time.
It is generally our carelessness that causes us headaches, but if we tend to be more vigilant especially when we travel by public transport, we could prevent re-infestation of bed bugs into our homes.
Regular monitoring of the various hiding places for pests is also necessary. Looking out for them would give you an advantage over them, as you would be able to take corrective action sooner than later.
Having professionals to take a look regularly, around your home, office etc would always keep you safe from the vagaries of unpredictable pests. Pest control professionals would strive to keep your premises free from all pests.


Professional bed bugs control is not a very expensive item that would put your finances back. Not taking timely action to control them would find you in more trouble than that you would have imagined.
Leaving your home or office in the professional hands of pest control personnel will do you immense good. The very busy lifestyles that we live today may not give us the time, to do everything that we would love to do at home.
It is because of this limited time that we have in our hands that it would be advisable to delegate some of the important chores that we are unable to accomplish to those who would handle it for you at a very reasonable cost.
Having trained and experienced personnel from a reputed company looking after your premises should keep you in peace of mind. Finding ways to combat the various pests that could invade the privacy of your home or office can be sometimes a nightmare.
Keeping abreast with the various laws promulgated from time to time in the control of pests is also quite a daunting task. Working with professionals on an important exercise like pest control is in your best interests.

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