Silverfish Control

Our buildings are ideal for silverfish because they provide shelter and food.

Silverfish can…

  • Cause extensive damage
  • Ruin photos and books
  • Eat wallpaper and cotton

What We Can Do

Set up a guaranteed program to control silverfish in a building and it’s surrounding environment and advise how you can help reduce future problems.

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Jim’s silverfish control

There are many insects that we come across in our day to day life. Whilst some of them cause us no harm, there are others who encroach into our lives and cause us not only harm, but bring disease, anxiety and economic loss.
Those insects and animals that cause us financial loss, damage our abodes and cause untold anxiety are referred to as pests. Some pests like termites can cause millions of dollars in damage, or pests like cockroaches and rats can bring incurable diseases. There are other pests which are not harmful but could cause damage to things we cherish.
Our pre-historic ancestors too, have had to face the wrath of pests destroying their crops and abodes but though they found temporary answers, were unable to eliminate or exterminate them. Pests are here to stay and we have to tolerate their existence with us, but we could control them especially when they encroach into our lifestyle.
The infamous plague that swept parts of Europe in the middle-ages brought untold misery to mankind and even destroyed whole communities. The plague carried by swarming rats caused havoc and famine. If we do not control pests effectively there could be a repeat of that unfortunate era, it may not be rats the next time it could be any pest from the many that are around. “Prevention is better than cure” is an age old saying and it would be advisable to always keep this in mind.
Though we have researched and developed new techniques to combat them, we have only been partially successful. We too have realized that we cannot eliminate or exterminate them. Some like the cockroach are quite formidable and resilient, in the sense that they will outlive us on this planet, if mankind is unfortunate to become extinct in a nuclear holocaust. The cockroaches are going to have the last laugh, as they are known to be immune to radiation.
Of the many pests that live among us, the silverfish is another destructive insect and can eat themselves into our belongings. They are little but can cause immense damage. Many of us do not generally talk about this very silent destroyer, but it is necessary that we are aware of their destructive powers.
It is a human tendency to collect clothing of sentimental value to us. These could be wedding gowns and dresses, suits, baby clothes etc, and we would have collected them over a couple of generations. We cherish them, but put them aside in places we do not regularly check their condition. It is things like these that are likely to be the gourmet of silverfish. Soft and easily chewable materials, like fine cotton and silk.
If the place that these clothes are kept is not free from the silverfish menace we are sure to find these valuable clothes destroyed one day and it may be too late to do anything about it. Hence it is always advisable to periodically check these places out and be sure that there is no infestation from silverfish. If you do find just one of them, you can be rest assured that there will be many crawling all over your sentimentally valuable clothes when you are in deep slumber.
Silverfish control must begin immediately to arrest the situation if the damage is already not severe you may be able to salvage some of the valuables you have saved over the years. They make minute damages but which could be plenty to worry about. Their ability to chew through even leather is known when they are prevented from their normal food sources.

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Silverfish which have lived on Earth for more than 400 million years are one such species that can ruin our valuable books, clothing sometimes even deeds and parchments, if we are not careful with them. They love to feed on carbohydrates, cellulose, sugar, starch, glue and similar things they find edible. It is known that silverfish can live without food up to a year hence they are very formidable pests. They are known to live up to about 3 years, during which time they could shed their coat between 20-60 times.
Silverfish love dark and damp areas and are known to survive and propagate in any climatic condition. They are nocturnal insects and would generally be invisible except when disturbed from their hiding places. They are quite versatile in finding hiding places, right under our eyes, like storage boxes, bathrooms, basements and kitchens.
Silverfish are about 12-20 mm in length, and are whitish to brown or grey in colour, with some species bluish to silver. With their fish like movement and tapering bodies they derive the word silverfish which is commonly used. They are shaped like a tear drop and are quite agile in movement, with three long tails like bristles at their rear.
Silverfish lay their eggs in the tiniest of crevices and cracks, and hence may not be visible to us. Eggs are elliptical in shape and soft initially but harden’s in a few hours. Their period of incubation can vary from a couple to a few weeks, depending on the species. Eggs are generally white in colour.
They grow from eggs to adult but they do not transmit disease like other pests found in our household. Their bite too, cannot penetrate human skin and are generally not considered fearsome, unlike rats, cockroaches, termites etc. This does not mean that we allow them a free ride in our homes. If we allow them through complacency on our part we are sure to regret sooner than later. They could be devastating in their own way, and cause us much harm in the future.
Though their bite may not be painful to us their ability in destroying things that they feed on can be alarming. They work silently and this has been their forte, in destruction of things.
Male silverfish lay spermatophores in their secret hiding places, and the female of the species take these into their ovipositor, to start the cycle of reproduction. Females lay a few eggs in a day, whilst some advanced species could lay up to 20 eggs in a day.
Like controlling any type of pests, we need to initiate silverfish control too, as they could unknowing to us cause damage to items we hold dear. There are many ways suggested in various literatures in this subject on methods that can be used in silverfish control, but depending on the gravity of the problem and to avoid re-infestation, it is always advisable to get trained and experienced personnel to handle the job.
Closing up little cracks in walls and on the floor would prevent them from finding easy hiding places. As they are always finding the best places to hide we should also be attentive and prevent their needs, for food and abode. Then we could stop their breeding and control them. Being always on our toes is important as we have to contend with quite a number of pests that want to invade our homes and live comfortably. If we are not vigilant we may have a major catastrophe in our hands. Regular monitoring of our premises is very important, and getting the services of professionals for it is imperative.
Silverfish are found in all six continents of the World and are generally found in close proximity if not within, human habitat. They love living alongside us, and when we are not aware of their presence they could multiply very profusely and cause us much anxiety.
Silverfish being nocturnal pests, we may not be able to detect them during the day. They could be very active when dusk falls and could be having a whale of a time whilst we are in deep sleep. They fall prey to centipedes and spiders, and could be nature’s way of silverfish control.
Like any household pests, silverfish control is also a priority and one way of keeping them in check is to deny them comfortable living conditions, avoid providing them easy food sources and also mount a professional attack on them. Professional pest control personnel are likely to find their hiding places and direct the necessary treatment specifically to that area.
The moment we see an adult silverfish we must be aware that there may be many around. Locating their hiding places could be a futile exercise, if we are not trained to look in the right places. Professionals in silverfish control are trained and experienced in finding their hiding and breeding places. It is imperative that we find their source to combat them, because like any “guerilla warfare” they attack us when we are the most vulnerable, fast asleep.

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We need to be always vigilant of all pests in our household, as there are many who are quite resilient and formidable. Silverfish may not be among the dangerous ones, but are still a force to reckon with.
A homemade remedy popularly practiced in silverfish control is to sprinkle ground cinnamon and cloves in areas that we see them. Whilst silverfish detest the smell of these two strong smelling spices, and tend to flee such areas this does not kill them. This could be a temporary remedy until such time that the aroma from the spices fade away and they will be back again.
Using traps and other contraptions found in stores selling such merchandize would also be only temporary measures. These would only curtail the activity of a few of them, but would not eliminate the specific problem from your home. We need to employ professionals if the problem of silverfish infestation persists. We may not be able to gauge the gravity of the problem as we may not see the existence of silverfish during the day.
As silverfish leave behind telltale signs of their existence, by shedding small skin casts, faeces and little bite holes in clothes and other such items, professionals can detect them. Then they would be able to direct the required treatment to that particular area. It is advisable to destroy them completely from our homes, before they could cause more damage.
As we are not fully aware of the repercussions of using various insecticides and chemicals in our homes it is always advisable to have qualified, trained and experienced personnel handling them for us. These personnel are certified by the relevant authorities to handle such chemicals which like any chemical compound can be dangerous if abused.
Some chemicals may have allergic reactions in some of the inmates in a household. If professionals are handling your job, they would likely know to provide the necessary first aid till such time that medical attention is provided to the patient. These are little aspects you should consider prior to administering any chemicals in your home.
Chemicals are dangerous and have to be handled with care. Trying to destroy a pest you could end up for more than what you had bargained for. It is always better to let the professionals to handle it so that they will be able to dispense the various chemicals properly.
Silverfish control may not look that daunting, from a layman’s point of view but it could be alarming if something went wrong. We all should be responsible when using such chemicals, especially with little children in a household.

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There have been many instances where improper use of chemicals has caused various disasters. Some have even lost their lives or been maimed for life. So before you use any chemicals for any type of pest control, it is advisable to take a hard look at what you intend doing and take the required precautions before you embark on your exercise.
Every can of insecticide and insect poison carry warnings and heeding them is our prerogative. Carelessness can be detrimental to our health as well for others around us if these are not dispensed properly. Keeping these containers away securely locked is very important, and care must be taken to keep them away from children’s reach.

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