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Ants can…

  • Spread disease because they can scavenge for food in garbage areas, dog excrement and other unsanitary areas. These disease carrying organisms can then be tracked into our homes and onto our food.
  • Bite and Sting: There are some species of Ants such as Fire Ants that can both bite and sting and cause much discomfort.
  • Have unsightly ant trails and mounds. In some instances ants have caused cracks in paths due to their excavations.
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Ant infestationAnts seem to be almost magical; they just seem to appear out of nowhere. Once they have sourced a food supply then the masses will move in to carry their bounty away.

They will carry the food back the nest and if you follow the crumbs, you will soon learn its location.

This is where you may realise that they will be difficult to treat. The nest maybe located in the walls of your house or on someone else’s property.

A local experienced expert like Jim’s Pest Control should be called in these situations. We have solutions and products available that can deal with any situation.

One path to an ant infestation

Ants are very successful at avoiding danger. They used pheromones to mark a safe path for others to follow. If some ants stray from this path, they can often become lost and confused.

By simply placing an object on an ant trail you can cause a massive traffic jam. It takes them some time to work out a way around or over the object.

Once they have worked out a safe way to do this, they will lay down pheromones. This tells other ants how to get around the object.

DYI ant infestation treatments do not work

Many do it yourself (DIY) products on the market work on disrupting the ant’s path. They work by using a chemical product that will repel them away from the area.

While this sounds great in theory, it rarely results in ant elimination. The reason why it will not work is that ants can sense the product and will simply use another path.

Ants can be very persistent and hard to treat. Typically, it is because there is an ample food source available, and a great place to construct a nest.

Unless the reason for the ants being there is removed, the DYI treatments will not work.

Your local Jim’s Pest Control technician has been specifically trained in identifying these reasons. They will let you know what you can do to help.

What do ants feed on?

It is a common misbelief that ants just like sugary things. In fact, they have a wide range of diets.

Ants can eat termites, bees, insects, sap, honey in fact just about any organic material. Typically, ants can be broken down into two different types of feeders. Those which feed on proteins and others which prefer sugars.

Why is it crucial to understand what they are feeding on?

To treat an ant infestation successfully it is crucial to understand what they are feeding on. This way you can provide a moist palatable bait, that they will readily eat.

Think of it this way: there is no use providing a steak to a vegetarian and expect them to eat it.

If you provide a food source, they are looking for, you are more likely to get the desired result.

Your local Jim’s Pest Control technician can identify this. They can then provide the correct professional bait that will deliver an outstanding result.

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Set up a guaranteed program to control ants in a building and it’s surrounding environment and advise how you can help reduce future problems.

  • Inspect: We will carry out a survey and report our findings.
  • Bait: We will apply special bait which is licensed and formulated for Ant control. This is very safe for you and your children and pets. The bait is applied to out of reach places for your added peace of mind.
  • Dust: We may apply dust to your roof void, subfloor and in your wall cavities.
  • Surface Spray: We may apply a special surface spray which is licensed and formulated for Ant control. This is applied to the perimeter of your home or building.
  • Stock: Ensure regular stock rotation and also inspect incoming food stock.
  • Storage: Ensure food is stored above the ground and clear of walls.
  • Garbage: Ensure your garbage is kept secure and locked.