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Bargo is a fantastic part of New South Wales to live in. We have lots of national parks close by which are fantastic places to explore with the family.

While wandering around these areas you will quite often spot native animals like Wombats and Kangaroos. What you may not notice there is a large number of pests that call these parks home.

Termite mounds are common through the area. These are easy to spot as they appear like mounds of dirt in random places. If you break into the nests hundreds of thousands of termites will come flooding out.

Rabbits and rats also breed up in vast numbers in the area and cause lots of issues for locals. Holes dug by rabbits can undermine the foundations of homes. When viruses sweep through the area they do kill of a lot of the population, which provides opportunity for other pests.

Jim’s Pest Control Bargo local knowledge

Our local business owner has been living in the area for years. They have firsthand knowledge of how these pests behave in our community. Understanding how pests move about our community is the key to the success of any pest control treatment.

Having knowledge that when rabbits disappear, creates an opportunity for pests like spiders and rats. They use the empty burrows as shelter and it is the ideal environment for them to breed.

Once they have breed up in vast numbers the overflow invades local homes and businesses. As we our local we understand this. We often put pest’s treatments in place for our clients before the pests become an issue.

What can Bargo locals do to help themselves

As we live in a rural environment there are some simply things that you can do to reduce pests. Your local pest technician will have some great ideas on what you can do to help. They might suggest some things like:

  • Keep all blocks slashed/mowed
  • All firewood should be stored up of the ground in a dry shed
  • Remove all rubbish from around home
  • Keep pathways clear of boxes
  • Consider having regular pest treatments.

All of the above will help reduce the amount of pests you will see around your home.

Higher Levels of pests

Unfortunately while Bargo is a great place to live we tend to see a high population of pests. Livestock and horses attract pests like rats and mice who feed on their stockfeed. During the colder weather these pest invade local homes and businesses looking for shelter.

Vast numbers of spiders live in the area and feed on the swarms of insects during the warmer weather. Unlike Sydney, where they may only see one or two pests, locals often get inundated by hundreds of pests at once.

Meet your local business owner

Luke are your locals who own and operate the Jim’s Pest Control Bargo business. They take pride in delivering exception customer service to their clients. One of the key differences is that they make themselves contactable 7 days a week as they understand how busy our lives have become.

You will quite often spot them at other local businesses or the sports club. They are very approachable so if you have a pest control question please feel free to ask them.

So, if you want a local pest control expert to help you with your pest or termite control requirements, please call Jim’s on 131 546, or use the contact form here to get in touch.

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Luke Collins

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