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Cashmere is one of the best places to live in Queensland. Most house blocks in the area are very large however in recent years we have seen substantial housing developments. Blocks of native bushland are being cleared for these new homes.

This is unfortunately displacing native animals and pests. Native animals will simply move into the National Parks like Clear Mountain. Pests on the other hand will just wait and move into the new homes as they are being built.

We get weekly calls from new home owners that are being invaded by ants, spiders, mice and termites. Yes even new homes are being attacked by termites in the area.

Lake Samsonvale is a great place to explore but this water mass provides the ideal environment for insects to breed. The breeding insects then provide a steady food supply for pests in the area.

Jim’s Pest Control Cashmere – trusted by locals

Jim’s have been servicing the local Cashmere residents since 2011. We are the experts that locals trust will get any pest problem resolved quickly.

As we are part of a National brand we have the experience and knowledge of 80 plus family run businesses to tap into. This means for our Cashmere clients we will have a solution for every pest problem.

Being part of one of the biggest pest control providers in Australia gives us great buying power. This allows us to be very competitive on price while not compromising on quality of treatment.

These are some of the reasons why Cashmere locals trust Jim’s to get the job done.

Mini eco system in your roof

Have you ever wondered what is wandering around in your roof void? You local pest controller may shock you as to what they find regularly in Cashmere roofs.

In nearly all roof voids they will find rats and mice. These rodents are drawn into the roof as it provides shelter for them. It may also provide a food source, in the form of cockroaches.

If a possum or several can get into your roof void they often scare rats and mice off. Removing possums however will then mean it is safe for rats and mice to return.

With the activity of rats, mice and possums will eventually attract snakes. They will venture into the roof to feast on the rodent smorgasbord. If you are lucking the snakes will leave once they have eaten however in a few cases they may chose to stay.

So know you have an idea of the mini eco system that can be in a Cashmere roof void.

Meet your local business owner

Craig Beddow owns and operates you local Jim’s Pest Control business in Cashmere. He lives and works in Cashmere and loves spending time in his local community with his wife and children.

Craig has excellent customer service skills and believes in educating his clients as to why the pests are attracted to their property. He believes there are some simply things that clients can do to help reduce the amount of pests they see.

So, if you want a local pest control expert to help you with your pest or termite control requirements, please call Jim’s on 131 546, or use the contact form here to get in touch.

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Craig Beddow

Jim’s Termite & Pest Control – Cashmere QLD 4500

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