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Kellyville is an interesting mix of new and old housing. On the Northern side of Windsor Road we have the older style homes with large backyards. The southern side we see modern houses that are rapidly being build on cleared land.

Recently housing developments have exploded in the area and Kellyville Ridge is a great example of this. Homes are being built in this area at a rapid rate of knots.

These developments while creating new homes for families are however destroying pests’ homes. Pests’ likes spiders, rats, cockroaches and termites are having their homes destroyed to make way for these developments.

While this causes some issues for the pests in the short-term, long-term it is better for them. New homes are being built right on their doorsteps and there is nothing stopping them from moving in.

These are the reasons why so many Kellyville locals report being invaded by pest, soon after they move into their new home.

Jim’s Pest Control Kellyville – local expert

Jim’s Pest Control has been servicing the local Kellyville community since 2014. In this time we have treated thousands of local homes and businesses for pests.

Our technicians have a very good understanding of how pest invade homes in the area. We even know the reasons why they have decided to come inside.

This has enabled us to deliver superior results for our clients and has made us the leading pest control expert in Kellyville.

Locals trust that when they engage Jim’s to get rid of their pests, that we will not rest until they are gone.

What do termites and swimming pools have in common?

Surprisingly, in ever other backyard in Kellyville you will find swimming pools that are enjoyed by locals. While we enjoy these pools on hot summer days pests appreciate the pools as well.

Bees and birds will often come down for a drink on a hot summer day. Ducks have even been known to land in pools and nest in bushes close by.

Kellyville locals are stunned to find one sneaky pests that really benefits from swimming pools. Termites love pools as leaking taps or fittings provide a water source for them 12 months of the year.

Droughts and low rain fall has always been an enemy of termites. With the introduction of pools it has provided a 12 month supply of water. This has lead to a significant increase in the number of termites we are seeing in homes.

There was a case some years ago when a pool owner noticed that his pool level was always dropping. He had plumbers out to fix water leaks but they could not find any. When a local pest controller was called he highlighted that termites were actually to blame.

What the termites had done was to eat through the plastic pool liner to gain access to the water. The home owner was very impressed that the pest controller had actually found out what the problems was.

Meet your experienced local expert

Sunny Chawla owns and operates your local Jim’s Pest Control business in Kellyville. He is an experience local and has years of experience treating all manner of pests.

He lives in the local area with his wife and children. His children attend local schools in the area and you may quite often spot him dropping his children off or picking them up.

If you see him and have a pest control question please feel free to go up and ask him as he is very approachable.

So, if you want a local pest control expert to help you with your pest or termite control requirements in Caloundra or surrounding suburbs, please call Jim’s on 131 546, or use the contact form here to get in touch.

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Sunny Chawla

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