Bee removal, as opposed to bee eradication, is very important to the sustainability of life as we know it. Thus, Jim’s will try as hard as possible to remove bees alive. This will help to ensure the little critters thrive in another location.

Jim’s Pest Control has experienced local experts who have been handling bees safely for years. Call 131 546 to get in touch with your local, experienced technician to discuss if the bees you have can be removed safely.

Just to reiterate, bees play a major role in the environment, and without them the planet, and humans, would be in serious trouble.

Today it is no longer acceptable by the community to just kill bees. We need to make more effort to save them where possible.

Jim’s Pest Control has now developed processes to safely remove them where possible. Afterwards, we work closely with local bee keepers to house them.

Bee Removal

Bee removal can be costly

The cost of bee removal can vary depending on where the bees are located. If they are simply hanging on a bush or tree, the removal process is quite simple.

However, if bees have moved into a wall or tree, then the cost of removal can sky rocket. If that is the case, you will need to consider that because a technician have to gain access to the bees somehow. They will need to pull part of the wall down, and you will need to organise a licensed builder to repair the wall.

If they are located in a tree, they will need to cut the tree down, or cut into the tree at least. This will damage the tree, as well as take a considerable amount of time.

Just remember when considering your options, the longer the job will take, the more it will cost. This is why a lot of clients select termination as it only takes a short amount of time. But, as we all know, termination does not help the bee population.

Success of relocation

The success of any bee capture and removal will depend on how quickly the bees are caught and transported. When bees are removed from out of a wall, the job can be quite messy, and a large number of bees may be lost.

Providing the queen has been captured, and a good number or workers are also captured, then the removal process is normally quite successful. If the queen is not captured, then the success rate drops dramatically. If the captured bees have no queen, then they are integrated into another established colony.

Termination sometimes best option

Unfortunately, not all bees can be saved, and large portions of hives need to be terminated every year. The cost of removal sometimes is just too great, and the likely success of the removal is low. In these instances the best option is to terminate.

Termination can be performed by all Jim’s Pest Control technicians. All technicians are well versed in techniques that result in a quick result for the insects.

If you would like to discuss if your bees can be removed (or terminated), your local pest control expert can help you. Please call Jim’s on 131 546, or use the enquiry form here to get in touch