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Flies can be an extremely annoying pest. In the summer time as soon as you start your BBQ these pests seem to appear out of know where.

They are quite smart and know by sitting on your back, you will eventually take them to food. As soon as they sense you are near food they will disembark they hiding spot.

Many a picnic and BBQ has been ruined by these pesky pests.

The good old Aussie fly swatter has been used for many years to dispatch these pests. However, squashed flies are often not a good look on your walls, eating tables, chairs, or anywhere for that matter.

Jim’s has been putting in place fly control treatments for many clients, for years. These treatments involve treating the surfaces of where they like to rest.

When they land on these surfaces they simply pick up a light dose of chemical. This then kills them very quickly.

This results in clients having an almost fly free summer.

Fly Control

Commercial fly control

Flies can cause major issues to our commercial clients. It is not a good look for a food outlet to have flies crawling all over their food.

Commercial fly control is one of the fields Jim’s Pest Control specialises in. Our technicians are at the cutting edge when it comes to fly control.

In recent years we have started to use baiting products for flies. This involves us using a food source that is just irresistible to flies.

Many of our technicians have reported flies buzzing around the spray containers trying to get the bait. Unfortunately for them the bait also contains and chemical which affects their central nervous system.

It is undetectable to them and they readily eat this food source. Within a few short minutes they are quickly affected by the product.

There is nothing more satisfying for our clients to actually watch the flies drop dead.

Residential Fly pest control

The great news for our resident Jim’s Pest Control clients is that these commercial products are not restricted to just commercial use.

The same commercial grade products are the ones that we use for our residential clients. These products are simply applied to areas where flies frequent and have the same desired results.

Disadvantages of fly baiting products

It is not all great news on baiting of flies. Unfortunately these products, as they are bait, do not last as long as a conventional spray. Typically baits will only last for around 30 days and will need to be reapplied regularly.

Fly Treatment

Long lasting fly extermination

A longer lasting way of treating for flies involves spraying surfaces, where flies land, with a synthetic pyrethroid. These treatments are generally colourless and odourless and the flies will not know the surfaces have been treated.

This treatment will generally give you a much better fly extermination result. The reason being is the product stays active for up to 6 months. It is a great way of controlling the fly population even before they become a pest.

For fly control, Jim’s is now known as the local experts that can handle any situation.