mathew_rogersWelcome to Jim’s Pest Control Sheidow Park!

Meet Mathew. With a trade background as a compositor in the printing industry, Mathew took a change in direction when he came on board with the Jim’s Pest Control business here in Sheidow Park.
“I realised there wasn’t much I liked about my job” says Mathew, who now owns and operates the area’s leading Pest Control service. “So I started looking for something which would afford better work life balance, better flexibility to work my hours around the kids, and something which would offer variety and job satisfaction, so I could be happy.”
“The job satisfaction I experience now, helping people – and the independence of being a business owner has definitely been win-win” says Mathew; whose business now takes him all around Sheidow park, Hallett Cove, Trott Park and O’Hallang and surrounds, and into homes and businesses, corporate offices, schools, government departments and more.
“Effective pest control starts with eliminating environments in which pests thrive, says Mathew.”
His biggest tips for Termites: “Remove wood piles near the house. Termites love moisture, so make sure leaking taps are fixed and divert any water safely away from air conditioning. All wet area wall joints should be siliconed in.”
Here at Jim’s Pest Control Sheidow Park, the number one focus is prevention, which starts with regular inspections to catch problems early, before they become big issues. When pests do occur however, the focus shifts to not only eradicating pests, but preventing the spread of disease or illness, particularly in public spaces; and providing necessary record-keeping and paperwork for council regulatory compliance.
Offering licensed expertise and management techniques, Michael at Jim’s Pest Control Sheidow Park offers clients an affordable and effective Pest Control solution which is fully assured under the Jim’s Customer Satisfaction guarantee.
Available on-call to deal with pests as they occur, or to become part of your pest-control management plan with ongoing inspections, you’ll appreciate Michael’s thorough, can-do approach and willingness to go the extra mile each time for the health and safety of his clients.
Fully insured, licensed, trained under the world-class Jim’s Pest Control group, police screened, neatly presented, punctual, courteous and professional in every way, there are so many outstanding reasons to give Michael a call.
Emergency and short-turnaround callouts are also available.
Call Michael on 131 546 to find out more, make a booking or arrange a free no-obligation quote. Effective and authoritative Pest Control is within reach – call today – all enquiries welcome.