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Larvicide is commonly used to target pest larvae before they moult into adults. It is a great way of targeting pests before they become a nuisance.

Typically flies and mosquitoes are the common pests that larvicide target. They work by interfering with the growth pattern of the insect. Commonly this is done by stopping the moulting process.

This has been practice in the agriculture industry for years. Due to the increase in wetlands areas, there is now a growing need for it in the pest control industry.

Jim’s is getting more and more enquires from people wanting to target pests in waterways.


Larvicide targeting mosquitoes

A great way to target mosquitoes and reduce their numbers is by introduction larvicides to waterways. Larvicides use a growth regulator that has been developed to target the lifecycle of a pest.

Typically it is attached to a food source that the pest larvae would be feeding on. For example a growth regulator is attached to corn husks for mosquito larvae.

This growth regulator has been tested to ensure that it will not affect fish or birds in water ways. Even if they eat the infected larvae it will have no effect.

Once the larvae have eaten, it will prevent them from moulting. As they are unable to moult it means that they cannot turn into an adult an soon die.

With the increase in wetland areas, councils are turning to pest control providers like Jim’s to help deal with the increase in pest numbers.

Drain flies, annoying pests that won’t go away

Jim’s Pest Control is now getting regular calls for drain flies. These flies as the name suggest, like living in drains.

Adult flies will lay their eggs in drains as it is the ideal environment for them to grow in. Once they reach maturity they will moult and turn in to a fly.

Many clients have tried everything to get rid of them but often they are not targeting the source of the problem.

Our Jim’s Pest Control technicians know exactly where to attack these pests. They will often use larvicides in the drains to interfere with the lifecycle.

These products are only available to professional pest controllers. They have been specifically developed for drains and have been approved for this use.

Things to try first

There are actually lots of things you can try first before calling in a pest controller. If there are mosquitoes in stagnant water, you could choose to simply empty the water.

Another great idea is to introduce some larvae eating fish. You can put a water pump in, to create water flow as mosquitoes prefer still water.

If you have drain flies, you really need to adjust the PH of the water. This can be done by tipping vinegar or boiling hot water down the drain. Either of these will hopefully adjust the PH to make it unsuitable for the larvae.

In most cases however you will need the assistance of a Jim’s Pest Control technician to get them under control.