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Millipedes were accidentally introduce into Port Lincoln in South Australia. At the time there was not much concern about them, as it was thought they would not be much of a problem.

However due to the fact that there were no know predators of millipedes there was nothing stopping them. They soon breed up in vast numbers.

They typically feed on decaying organic material and like to hide in dark places. Boxes left in garages are great spots for millipedes to hide.

When boxes are moved or transported, it enables these pests to spread. This has now resulted in millipedes being found in every state and territory of Australia.

Millipede Control

Successful millipede control

A solution can be almost impossible for householders using store brought products. They are often not strong enough to affect millipedes.

Unlike other pests, millipedes do not groom themselves. Normal store brought products rely on the pest ingesting the product. It is then absorbed into their bodies and affects the central nervous system.

As millipedes rarely groom themselves, it makes these products ineffective.

Professional pest control solutions

Effective treatment of millipedes is a service that Jim’s Pest Control specialises in. We are the go to experts that can put in place effective programs that can get them under control.

We have professional products available that target millipede’s feet and legs. Millipedes can have anywhere from 80 to 400 feet. This provides the ideal surface area for our technicians to target.

Setting up moats to protect your castle (home)

The most successful millipede treatments involve setting up invisible moats around buildings. By this we mean to put in place a 1 meter wide barrier. If millipedes choose to cross this barrier they will eventually succumb to the chemical treatment.

Most Jim’s Pest Control technicians may choose to put 2 or 3 of these moats in place. The reason behind this is that the more barriers there are, then the less likely they will make it to your front door.

Moonlight attracts millipedes to buildings

Have you ever wondered why some houses get covered in millipedes and others don’t?

The answer is really quite simple. It has a lot to do with the colour of the building and moonlight.

On a full moon, light coloured building walls tend to glow. This is like a flashing neon sight for millipedes and they will move towards this structure. They do this en masse, especially after rain, as it signals the breeding cycle.

Millipedes are attracted to a home with its lights on for the same reason. However in this situation they will slip under the doors and thought cracks and crevices.

It’s never a good feeling to feel crunching under you feet when walking around your home at night.

Millipede elimination rarely occurs

Elimination of millipedes will rarely occur. The best anyone can hope for is effective control.

Regular pest control treatments will significantly reduce the numbers. It will break the breeding cycle and put the population into steady decline.

Jim’s are the go-to experts in regards to control programs for millipedes.