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Mosquito ControlMosquitoes are that annoying pests that seems to arrive out of nowhere. Often people will only notice that they have been bitten once the itching starts.

Jim’s Pest Control technicians quite often attend sites where clients think they have bed bugs. They just presume that it is bedbugs as they did not see what bit them.

The bite patterns of bedbugs and mosquitoes are quite different. Bedbugs will tend to bite three times in a row, where mozzies bite just once.

This is how our Jim’s Pest Control technicians will be able to determine if it is mosquitoes biting you.

Mosquito control – things you can do

Mosquito prevention is an important element to effective mosquito control. When one of our technicians attends site they will be looking for sources of mosquitoes.

It is important to identify the sources or harbourages as without treating these areas you are unlikely to get control. Typically harbourages will be containers containing stagnant water.

Looking around you home, some of these areas you may come across may include:

  • Buckets
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Fish ponds
  • Plastic laying on the ground
  • Drink bottles
  • Bottom of pot plants

If fact any item that could hold water can be a harbourage. Part of a good mosquito prevention program is to ensure these are emptied regularly.

Mosquito pest control

Jim’s mosquito pest control starts with a full investigation, to find where these pests are hiding. Simply emptying out water containers may be the best mosquito deterrent.

However in some cases this is not possible. If the mosquitoes are coming from nearby ponds or creeks it may be hard to get effective mosquito control by yourself.

Jim’s have a range of great mosquito pest control treatments that can help get them back under control. This may involve spraying ceiling, eve lines and under foliage with an approved insecticide. We spray the underside of areas as this is typically where mosquitoes rest.

These treatments are very successful. Many clients are now having these treatments done every 6 months to keep these blood suckers under control.

This is why Jim’s Pest Control is fast becoming the go to local experts in regards to mosquito control.

Get rid of mosquitoes

Most clients that ring Jim’s want to get rid of mosquitoes permanently. This however can often prove difficult.

As mosquitoes are a flying insect they can travel great distances to find a feed. Unless the area that they are disembarking from is treated, getting rid of mosquitoes will never be possible.

The best way to control mosquitoes is to make you home less attractive to them. This can be done by emptying any containers holding water around your home.

Ensuring that you home or office is fitted with fly screens to all doors and windows will help. Checking them regularly for holes is important as mosquitoes will find any weaknesses in the physical barrier.

Having a pest control professional like Jim’s come and apply treatment to surfaces will help keep the numbers down. Just keep in mind that these products are environmentally friendly as hence will only last 3 to 6 months outside, depending on weather conditions.

So, if you want a local pest control expert to help you with your pest, or mosquito control requirements, please call Jim’s on 131 546, or use the contact form here to get in touch.