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Mosquitoes can be one of the most annoying pests that you can find in your home. You will often not know they are there until you notice their bite marks.

The dreaded buzzing noise, while you are trying to sleep terrifies most people. You can be guaranteed that when you turn the light on they will magically disappear. As soon as the light is off, the buzzing returns.

It is funny to think that something so small is enough to drive most people insane.

More people are now calling Jim’s to kill these nightmare pests.

Mosquito in House

You do not want to hear “mosquito in house” at any time

Having a mozzie buzzing around your ceiling is enough to drive people insane. Many partners have been forced to turn lights on, in a search and destroy mission for the rogue mosquito.

Once the target mozzie has been eliminated, everyone goes back to sleep. Unfortunately there is always more than one. It makes many people question, whether they did kill the first blood sucker.

Jim’s has long been known as the experts, dealing with these nocturnal pests. Ceiling treatments are the most effective way to control mosquitoes inside a home or business.

Best mosquito deterrent

When it comes to the best mosquito deterrent, citronella based products have long been known as the most effective.

It works by masking the scents that are given off by humans. As most mozzies cannot smell you, they will not be attracted to the area.

This approach is not fool proof and it will only deter a percentage of the population. Citronella can be purchase from most supermarkets and hardware stores. It comes in a wide range of forms from candles through to oils.

Mosquito prevention

Mosquito prevention is always better, rather than waiting until it is too late. Jim’s now offers a range of different mosquito treatments to cater for anyone’s budgets. It will depend on the structure and surrounds as to which treatment will achieve the desired result.

Our technician when visiting site will work out whether it is better to treat ceilings, vegetation, brick walls or ponds. They are well versed in the products that are available to achieve the desired results.

Jim’s Pest Control is now the go to experts that locals trust will resolve their mosquito issues.

Best way to control mosquitoes

Mosquitoes in the adult form can be very hard to eliminate as they are airborne. The best way to control mosquitoes is to eliminate the larvae before they take flight.

This can be done simply by emptying any water containers or unused fish ponds. The larvae need water to survive and if this is removed they will soon die from dehydration.

If ponds cannot be emptied then larvicides may be used. Jim’s Pest Control has access to larvicides that have been specifically developed for mosquitoes.

They work by interfering with the growth cycle of the larvae, by stopping the moulting process. As they are unable to moult they cannot turn into adults, hence breaking the life cycle.

This is a great way of controlling mosquitoes in waterways, especially considering that the growth regulator only affects insects. Fish and other wildlife are unaffected by these products.

These growth regulators are only available to professional pest controllers like Jim’s.