Natural Pest Control may mean different things to different people. Some people may think there are natural products available that will deter pests and make them go somewhere else. This is not the case.

Natural pest control relates to changing the environment in such a way it makes it less likely a pest problem will be present. These are some of the home pest control areas you can concentrate on in and around your home and office

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Natural Control…

Reduce available food and water sources

Put rubbish in outside bin daily

Reduce moisture from all surfaces

Reduce timber lying around your home

Remove grocery bags and boxes after use

What we do to control pests naturally…


Cut down all available food and moisture sources. When you are tidying up at the end of the night put all rubbish including food scraps outside in your bin. Ensure all food scraps are cleaned off all surfaces including ovens and microwaves. Wipe down your sink and wash basin with a damp cloth to ensure you don’t leave water in these areas. Make sure all food in your pantry is kept in an airtight container.

We can also help you with our integrated programs in pest management


Very similar to ants but you need to be extra vigilant with grocery bags and cardboard boxes. A common reason for infestation is when Cockroaches and their egg cases are introduced into your home from infested bags and boxes.

We can also help you with our integrated programs.

Rats and Mice

Cut down all available food and moisture sources and pay particular attention to how they are getting into your home or office.  This may entail proofing your home against rodent entry. Jim’s Building Maintenance can help you in these areas.

We can also help you with our integrated programs.


Termites require moisture, food and shelter. They are less plentiful in times of drought. However a leaking pipe or broken guttering can attract termites and present you with a serious problem.

Termites attack timber which could be the timber holding up your house or timber lying around your home in readiness for attacking your home. Remove all potential food sources such as discarded timber and ensure all leaks are attended to.

You will need an expert to inspect your property for potential termite problems  and Jim’s Pest Control have experienced Timber Pest Inspectors in all States to give you the most comprehensive reports in the Industry.