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Outdoor fly controlDuring the summer time in Australia, flies can ruin many outdoor activities. They seem to magically appear out of thin air as soon as you sit down for lunch or tea.

Just as you enjoy your food, flies will appreciate your efforts as well. Flying in and landing on your food, they will happily feed alongside you.

The good old Aussie fly swat has been used for many years to dispatch these pests. Unfortunately squashed flies are often not a good look on your walls.

In recent years there have been advancements in fly swats. There are now electric versions, which electrocute any pest that hits them.

There have been some significant gains in outdoor fly control products, in the pest control industry in recent years.

Jim’s outdoor fly control

The pest control industry has evolved significant in the way we treat pests, like flies and mosquitoes. We have now developed a more targeted approach in relation to these pests.

Chemicals based on plant extracts are now available to target these insects. A light dose of the product is applied to areas where flies rest.

Flies then get this product on their feet and during the grooming process, absorb it into their bodies. Soon after, the effects will kill the fly or insect.

The best part about these products is that they are odourless and colourless. This means our Jim’s Pest Control technicians can apply them to any surface without the worry of staining or smell.

Our client’s just love the fact that we can delivery outdoor fly control with the minimum of fuss.

How flies feed on your food

Flies are an insect that do not have any chewing mouth parts. They feed by sucking up moist liquid or food. Some will even vomit on the food to dissolve it and make it easier to suck up.

Pest control suppliers have been working over the years to develop products that take advantage of this feeding process.

In recent years we have seen the development of spray on bait products. These products have a bait attractant in them that the flies cannot resist.

Flies have been known to swarm around a Jim’s Pest Control technician as these products are applied. They simply feed on the food and ingest a chemical that affects their central nervous system.

It is common to see these pests succumb to these products within a minute. Our clients love when we use these products, as the resulting outdoor fly control is very quick.

You can literally see these flies feed on the product and drop dead.

Left out food provides opportunity

Leaving food out provides the ideal opportunity for flies, especially blow flies. Most people think that they land on your food just to feed. However they will lay their eggs and larvae on any left out food.

Even food that is in a rubbish bin is not safe as they can squeeze tight gaps. Many clients have call Jim’s Pest Control when they have found maggots wandering around their home.

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