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Controlling mosquitoes outdoors can be very challenging. Mosquitoes can fly great distances in search for a blood feast.

It seems as soon as you kill one another two will appear. This is true to some degree but it is because they smell your presence.

Mosquitoes are attracted to areas due to the CO2 that we give off. To them it is an indication that a feast is only short distance away.

Often mosquitoes will rest on ceiling and walls around doorways for this reason. As soon as you go through the doorway they will swoop down in an effort to feed.

This is where general pest treatments by your local Jim’s Pest Control technician can help. Our technicians treat the areas where they wait in ambush and eliminating their hiding spots.

How DYI outdoor mosquito control works

Most DYI mosquito treatments work by masking the CO2 smell that we give off. This is typically done by burning citronella in the form of a candle or oil.

While it masks our scents it does not kill them. It is not foolproof, as mosquitoes can be very persistent. Many people still report being bitten by mozzies even thought they have been burning citronella.

Get rid of mosquitoes the easy way

The easiest way to get rid of mosquitoes is to remove their capacity to breed. By this we mean remove any water sources that they can lay their young in.

Mosquitoes need a stagnant water supply for their young to grow and moult. If there is not a water supply close by they will tend to move out of the area.

They don’t need a large amount of water though. Even just an inch of water, in a drink container, will be enough for them to breed in.

So the most effective treatments on mosquitoes will always involved emptying containers holding water.

Fogging for mosquito control

In some areas it may be necessary to fog for mosquitoes. This is usually done in the more tropical areas of Australia and overseas.

Mosquito fogging chemicals are put into large machines that aerosol the products using water. This fog is then pushed out into vegetation where mosquitoes will be resting.

Fogging for mosquitoes is usually only used, when a fast knockdown of a massive population of mosquitoes is required. Typically this technique is deployed by Government departments when disease outbreaks caused by mosquitoes, has been detected.

In most residential areas there are better, long lasting treatments available through Jim’s Pest Control. Just ask your local technician what would be the best way control your mosquitoes.

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