Jim’s is your local pest control Albany Creek expert. Our tech servicing the area is experienced, fully trained, and insured. You can trust the Jim’s name to help you with any pest problem.

If you need to get in touch with us, simply call 131 546 and our friendly staff will take your details.

Albany Creek is a great suburb on the northern side of Brisbane to live in. We are sandwiched between the North Pine River and the Bunyaville Forrest.

These are both great places for locals to explore on sunny days. Locals know that these areas should be avoided at dawn and dusk due to the swarms of pests that live there.

Insects like mosquitoes and flies, call this area home. Large numbers of spiders have set up home there, and feast on the smorgasbord of insects in the area.

In summertime, these populations can explode in numbers causing an overflow of pests. Homes and businesses that are closest to the Forrest, creeks or rivers are the ones that are impacted first.

Pest Control Albany Creek – Jim’s experienced locals

Jim’s has local experts servicing the Albany Creek area. Our technicians live and work in the community so have a great understanding of how pests move about our community.

They are the experts in locating and treating any pest that you can think of. Locals have known and trusted our local business owners for years, to protect their homes and businesses.

Great customer service

Jim’s Pest Control is able to deliver great customer service to the Albany Creek community that other pest control companies can only dream about.

The reason for this is that other pest control companies have employees. These techs although quite knowledgeable, simply do not have the time to spend with a client. They will need to be at their next job within the hour.

This is where Jim’s is different, as the person who comes out to do the job is the business owner. They will make whatever time is needed to investigate and explain the pest issue.

Our technicians are committed to taking the time to explain how the pest treatments will work. They will explain what you are likely to see and how quickly your pest issue will be resolved.

This is why Jim’s is the trusted name that locals ring to get their pests dealt with.

Meet your local Jim’s pest expert

Steve has been involved in the pest control industry for a very long time. He joined Jim’s Pest Control in 2013 as he saw huge benefits for his clients being involved in a National Brand.

It has meant that he has been able to access better products that deliver superior results for his clients. He also has been able to tap into a wealth of knowledge from the 80 or so family-run pest control businesses across Australia.

Customer service is one of Steve’s strong points which is how he has built a successful business. Locals know that when they call Steve they will get their pest control issues resolved.

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Pest Control Albany Creek

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