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Aldinga Beach is one of the great southern suburbs of Adelaide. We have the McLaren Vale wine district just on our doorstep. There seem to be lots of micro breweries popping up in the area selling craft beers.

We are spoilt with beaches and Aldinga has one of the only beaches in Adelaide that you can drive onto. Locals flock to this area on warm summer nights as it is very easy to take the family for a quick swim.

During summer time pests also flock to this area. On warm summer nights, the air can be thick with pests like mosquitoes and flies. This can make it very unpleasant for locals having BBQs or entertaining friends.

Did you know that Jim’s Pest Control has developed special techniques to significantly reduce these pests?

Our local technicians are especially skilled at putting in place treatments to take care of any pests that wander or fly into your home. Treatments last for long periods of time so this gives locals coverage over the summer months.

Jim’s Pest Control Aldinga Beach – local experts

Residents in Aldinga Beach would rather use a local expert for their pest control problems. They find that a local provider will always have a quick response time. Pest Control technicians that live in the area have firsthand knowledge of common pests found here.

They know the times of year that locals get invaded by millipedes. Millipedes are common in the area due to having large numbers of vineyards surrounding Aldinga Beach.

Rats and mice are common as well and when it rains they run and seek shelter in homes and businesses.

With the introduction of solar panels, it has presented the perfect nesting spot for pigeons and birds. Jim’s are getting called weekly from residents that are sick of hearing cooing on their roof.

Only a local pest control provider like Jim’s has this knowledge to put in place an effective pest management plan.

Did you know termites prefer sandy soils?

People believe that because they live near the beach that termites will not attach to their homes. They believe that the salt in the soil will discourage them and sandy soils will make it hard for them to build their tunnels.

In actual fact, termites love these conditions. The sandy soils make it easier for them to burrow through the soil making it easier for them to gain access to buildings.

The salt levels in the soil do not really bother them. When you think about it residents plant gardens all the way around their homes. They then water this with fresh water regularly. This is exactly what termites are looking for.

There have been many cases reported of termites attacking homes on beaches or close to salt water.

Meet your local pest provider

Your local Jim’s Pest Control provider in Aldinga Beach. He is very experienced in all aspects of pest control and enjoys helping out locals get on top of the pest control issues.

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