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Aspley is a suburb on the outskirts of Brisbane that is well known for good restaurants. There is great shopping to be found at the Chermside Westfield.

Something that you may not have known about Aspley is that locals have massive issues with ants. It seems to be, that every house and business experiences problems with these invasive pests.

Funnel ants are extremely common in the front and backyards around Aspley. They build big, unsightly nests, with thousands of ants living in the nest. This makes it very difficult for Aspley residents to walk through their yards without being attacked. Even worse is the smell of crushed ants, as it is impossible to walk without stepping on them.

Jim’s Pest Control Aspley – the ant specialists

Our local Aspley pest technician has been dealing with ants and other pests in the area for years. He is very accomplished and experienced at getting rid of annoying pests.

He understands how distressing it can be when ants and other pests invade your home or business. Our technicians are constantly looking for new and more innovative ways of dealing with these pests.

We understand how chemicals and their overuse can be detrimental to the environment. Pest Control products have changed substantially over the years and we now have targeted products. Targeted products are fantastic as they only affect the pests that are causing the problems.

Termites attack fences

One of the more interesting jobs we have recently been called to was a client who reported something eating their fence. When the technician arrived on site to investigate he found that termites were responsible.

The technician then expanded his search and found the nest. An old tree stump approximately 25 metres from the customer’s fence line was the source of these pests.

It was a challenge to treat, as the nest was on someone else’s property who did not want to do anything about it. The technician’s knowledge was invaluable as he knew; bait stations on the fence would get the desired outcome for the client.

In a few short weeks, the termites had been successfully eliminated. The client was exceptionally happy that they were gone before they had a chance to reach their home.

Meet your local pest control small business owner

Jeremy is your local Jim’s Pest Control owner in Aspley West. He has lived and worked in the area for several years and loves spending time in our community.

As a local business owner himself, he likes to support other local businesses. He gets great satisfaction from helping customers maintain their homes and businesses.

Being part of Jim’s Group means he has access to the best possible chemicals, which deliver outstanding results to our clients.

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