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Baulkham Hills is a great place to live especially considering the large number of reserves we have. They are a great place to explore and relax on the weekend.

You can quite often see Australian native animals going about their business. There are also a large number of pests that call these reserves home. Pest likes ants, spiders, pigeons and even rodents live in these parks. Often the population overflow ends up in homes and businesses in the Baulkham Hills area.

Jim’s Pest Control Baulkham Hills – a trusted local business

Jim’s Pest Control has been servicing Baulkham Hills since 2011. We are the trusted name that locals turn to and resolve any pest issues that they may have.

We are the leading experts when it comes to pest control and use the latest product to get superior results. Our clients love the fact that we are not happy unless the pests have been eliminated.

Jim’s represents a large portion of pest control industry across Australia. There are 80 plus family owned and run business across Australia, servicing hundreds of clients daily

Our buying power also means that we are able to purchase the best possible products at low prices. Jim’s can be very competitive on price due to these costs savings.

Rat infestation affects a whole Baulkham Hills street

The most interesting job that we come across in the Baulkham Hills area was a call for rats. The local technician went to site and found that the client had been battling the rodents for years. They had tried every product that they could find in the supermarket and hardware stores with little affect.

The roof void was so bad that even during the day you could see the rodents running around. Professional baits were then installed to deal with these pests. Seven days later, a follow up treatment was also performed. The client was shocked to learn that all the bait had been consumed.

The most interesting part of this treatment was that all of the residents in the street called Jim’s, as they all had rats as well. They knew how well the treatment had worked as they found dead rats in their yard.

Why choose a local expert?

A local pest controller will always be able to get better results as they understand local pest behaviour. It is quite surprising that even though pests are the same, behaviours differ. Most of this can be put down what food sources and shelter is available in the area.

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