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If you need to get in touch with us, simply call 131 546 and our friendly staff will take your details.

Bonogin is one of the best places to live in Queensland. It has a country feel about it, as we are on the edge of the Gold Coast Hinterland. There are some fantastic places to visit like Natural Bridge in Springbrook National Park.

Locals love the relaxed lifestyle we have. Most work in the Gold Coast or Brisbane so it is a relief when they get home.

The only thing that quite often upsets the tranquillity is pests. We are surrounded by bushland which provides homes for native Australian animals. Equally, pests are abundant in the area and often the overflow from the pest population ends up in local homes and businesses.

Jim’s Pest Control Bonogin – locals helping locals

Jim’s Pest Control has been helping locals with their pest control needs for years. We understand how pests behave in our community which enables us to put in place effective pest management plans.

Locals know and trust that Jim’s will not rest until their pests have been eliminated. The famous Jim’s Guarantee while offered is rarely used as our pest treatments are so effective.

Termites devouring local homes

The environment we live in; is an ideal environment for termites. The parks in the area have lots of fallen timber which is a perfect food source for termites. This has led to an explosion of termites invading Bonogin homes.

It seems to be that we are getting daily phone calls from distressed locals that have found termites eating their homes. In some cases, the termites have been detected early and only a small amount of damage has been done. More often than not termites are often detected when it is too late. Some homes have even had to be demolished due to the significant damage.

This is why it is so important that you have an annual termite inspection and this is something that Jim’s can help you with.

Meet your local pest control expert

Meet Jean, your local Jim’s Pest Control business owner in Bonogin. He is a very experienced technician that has been servicing locals for several years. He loves to help resolve pest issues that locals are facing.

Jean has spent a lot of time training in the latest techniques and products that are available to pest technicians. He is committed to this and believes that his clients deserve the best possible treatments that will resolve their pest issues quickly.

All Jim’s Pest Control technicians must attend regular meetings to learn about new products entering the market. Most of these new products are delivering superior results for clients and are less toxic to the environment. This is a great win for our clients and the environment.

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