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Box Hill is an eastern suburb of Melbourne that used to be a city until it was absorbed by Melbourne. We have quite a few sports fields in the area. In Surrey Park, you can participate in sports like baseball, cricket, football, swimming and tennis. In fact, most sports are represented in the area.

We have some really good shopping in the area. There appears to be more food outlets and restaurants than clothing stores. Many locals enjoy the different types of foods that are on offer.

With having a high number of food venues it is a win fall for pests in the area. Overflowing rubbish bins and dropped food are gold mines for these pests.

These are the reasons we tend to see a large population of rats, birds, ants and cockroaches in the area.

Jim’s Pest Control Box Hill – making food outlets safe

It is extremely important that local food outlets have regular pest control treatments. Cockroaches that are transported in cardboard boxes can rapidly breed in a kitchen environment.

Jim’s Pest Control gets regular calls, where cockroaches have become so bad that they are overrunning kitchens. Often by the time a local business owner notices them they are well established.

If the general public spot these pests, they quickly take to social media to tell the world. This can absolutely destroy businesses overnight.

High populations of cockroaches also attract rats and mice who feed on these pests. We all see the posts on social media where people have spotted rats in restaurants after it has closed.

Jim’s understands how this can affect local businesses. We pride ourselves on protecting our client’s premises and protecting the public. We have put in place pest management plans in many restaurants in the area to combat these pests.

We are fast becoming the go-to experts in Box Hill in regard to any pest infestation.

Bringing pests home with you

Most people can’t understand where pests come from. Quite often they will report that moths have started to fly around their pantry or cockroaches have appeared out of nowhere.

Your local Jim’s Pest Control technician in Box Hill will be able to give you some hints as to where they came from.

For instance: If you have moths flying around your pantry then it is likely that you have brought some infected grain products home with you. Tropical warehouse moths live in flours and cereal products and once a product has been infected there is no way of getting rid of them.

Using cardboard boxes to transport food home sounds like a great environmental idea, but you could be transporting pests. Cockroaches love boxes and often lay their eggs in the fluting. This is why so many people can end up with cockroaches.

These are just some of the reasons pests can suddenly appear in your home.

Meet your local business owner

John Chen has been working in the pest control industry for years. He is very experienced at dealing with any pest you may come across. He specialises in helping local Box Hill businesses make their premises compliant.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children. He likes to holiday overseas but unfortunately for his family, he is always pointing out pests. He is so passionate about his job that he just can’t help himself.

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