Pest Control Burleigh Heads

Jim’s is your local pest control Burleigh Heads expert. Our tech servicing the area is experienced, fully trained, and insured. You can trust the Jim’s name to help you with any pest problem.
If you need to get in touch with us, simply call 131 546 and our friendly staff will take your details.
Burleigh Heads is a great part of southern Queensland. The weather is always good and we rarely experience the cold, like the southern states of Australia.
Birds are prolific in the area and breed up in vast numbers. This is evident by the large number of lorikeets that frequent the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.
Pests prefer this mild climate as well. The warmer weather that we have all year round is the optimum conditions for pests. Insects breed in large numbers and at certain times of the year they can swamp local homes and businesses.

Jim’s Pest Control Burleigh Heads understands pests

Jim’s Pest Control Burleigh Heads is a locally owned and family run business. We have been servicing the community since 2011.
Pest Control Burleigh Heads QLDOur technicians are part of the wider Burleigh Heads community. They live and work in the area so experience firsthand how pests like cockroaches and rats behave in our area. This gives them a massive advantage over other pest control companies as they understand how pest invade local homes.
We are committed to learning as much about the pests as possible. Regular meetings are held with other Jim’s Pest Control technicians to discuss the latest innovations in the industry.
We are keen to use new products that have a more targeted approach. It is our commitment to use fewer chemicals but still deliver outstanding results. This is a great win for our clients and the environment.

Can I do my own pest treatments?

Burleigh Heads residents quite often tackle the pests themselves. They usually go down to the local supermarket or hardware shop and buy some chemicals. This sounds like a great idea and should save you money, but in most cases it won’t.
There are hundreds of products on the market these days that claim to treat everything. All pest controllers know that certain products are great treating one pest, but will not work on others.
Without having the experience and knowledge, most pest treatments done by the public usually fail. In some instances they actually make the pest problems worse and eventually need to call in an expert.

Beautiful weather, but annoying pests

Due to the Gold Coast, sub tropical climate we have such a diverse range of pest species. Rodents, in the form of mice, rats and possums frequent the area. There is a large range of scary spiders of which some are venomous.
Ants seem to be visible every few feet and some are known to be 50mm long. If you come across stinging ants and get stung it can really ruin your day. Cockroaches are restaurants worse nightmare as once they establish they can overrun the kitchen.
So yes we have beautiful weather, but no one tells you about the army of pests we have.

Meet your local small business owner

Rob has been running his family owned Jim’s Pest Control business in Burleigh Heads for years. He is a very accomplished pest controller and has delivery fantastic results for his clients. As he is a local, he prides himself on delivering great customer service that quite often exceeds expectations.

So, if you are enjoying the great weather but not the pests and need professional advice and help, please call Jim’s on 131 546, or use the contact form here to get in touch.