Jim’s is your local pest control Canberra expert. Our techs servicing the area are experienced, fully trained, licensed, and insured. You can trust the Jim’s name to help you with any pest problem, including termite treatment and control.

If you need to get in touch with us, simply call 131 546 and our friendly staff will take your details.

Canberra is a great place in the Canberra area to live. We have great hiking tracks on our doorsteps through Black Mountain where locals can catch a glimpse of some native animals.

Locals love walking around Lake Burley Griffin and it is a great place to relax on a sunny day.

Pests love this waterway as well as it provides them with ideal breeding conditions. Insects breed up in vast numbers, which then provides the ideal food source for spiders and other pests.

This is why it is common to have more than one pest in your home. For example: if you have an infestation of cockroaches, you will find that you have mice. Mice actually feed on cockroaches and it is not uncommon to find both pests in Canberra homes.

Jim’s Pest Control Canberra – superior results

Jim’s Pest Control in Canberra has been delivering superior results for residents in the area. We specialise in common pests we see in our community like rats, possums, spiders and termites.

We are part of one of the largest pest control providers in Australia and have access to the latest products available. New products are entering the pest control industry daily.

Most pest control businesses can not afford to buy and test each new product; as if it doesn’t work they have wasted their money. This is where Jim’s Pest Control and our technicians have a huge advantage over the others.

We have 80 plus businesses across the width and depth of Australia. When a new product hits the market one of our senior techs will already be testing it.

The results of testing are shared across Australia through our network. Information like the best way to apply the product and techniques are shared. This has meant that Jim’s is able to deliver superior results for our clients.

This is why so many locals in Canberra trust Jim’s to get the pest control results they need.

Catching Canberra possums by hand

Some of the more interesting calls we get are possums that have found themselves in homes or businesses. It can be quite frightening to come across a distressed possum, as they snarl, hiss and bare their teeth.

It is quite distressing for the possum as well and if you come across one inside then you should leave it alone. Simply call an expert like Jim’s in to safely remove it.

It takes a lot of skill to catch a possum by hand, taking care not to harm it. Our technician’s hearts always race when attempting this as possums can be unpredictable.

Meet your local Canberra pest controller

Stephen is your local Jim’s Pest Control business owner in the Canberra area. He provides the best possible service to his clients and only uses the best products.

Clients love that he is able to quickly get on top of any pest control problem they may have. He is considered an expert in the field, by his peers.

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