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Cowra is a small country town that has a lot of history about it. The Lachlan River flows through the heart of town and many locals enjoy fishing on the banks.

Locals have their own secret fishing spots where they can catch some great fish like Murray Cod. They are even more secretive about the bait they use.

We have a relaxed country lifestyle and most locals live here because of the surrounding environment. Often on weekends, especially during the summer months, it would appear as though the town empties, as locals head to the Wyangala Lake.

Pests are common in the area and generations of pests have been living in Cowra for years. The large gum trees in the area are home to a wide range of pests.

Jim’s Pest Control Cowra – areas we service

Jim’s Pest Control has been based in Cowra since 2011. During this time we have serviced many clients in Cowra, Bathurst and Orange. We understand how difficult it can be to get a reliable expert to come to country areas.

This is why we are committed to travelling to any towns or areas within an hour and a half drive. We believe that just because we live in the country, doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve the best pest control possible.

What pests are hiding in our community?

Termites are frequently found in the centre of large gum trees in country areas. They use the shelter of these trees to raise an army, to consume any fallen wood.

Clients are quite surprised to find out how bad termites are in our community. There are numerous houses that have been consumed by termites in the area. We never like giving clients the news that we have found live termites inside their homes.

Rats and mice are common in the area. Just about every house in Cowra has either rats or mice hiding in their roof void. Our technicians often get called out when clients hear noises in their roof, but by then they are well established.

Possums frequent the area as well. The large gum trees provide hollows for them to hide in. Local gardens provide a food source for them in the form of flowers and fruit. Possums will often move close to the food source and end up setting up homes in roof voids.

Ants and cockroaches are prevalent in our community. It seems to be whenever you turn your back they will seize the opportunity to scamper across the kitchen bench. Normal supermarket sprays have little effect on these pesky little critters.

These are just some of the pests that hide in our community.

Meet your local Jim’s

Scott Edgar owns and operates the local Jim’s Pest Control business in Cowra. He has been servicing Cowra, Bathurst and Orange and everywhere in-between your years.

He is a very experienced pest controller and his vehicle is set up to handle any pest issues that may arise. When he is not chasing pests you will likely find him fishing on the banks of the Lachlan River.

Even though he is relaxing he is always looking for pests. Many a good fish bite has been missed as he has been too busy looking at some ants or termites

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