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Craigieburn is one of the fastest-growing suburbs in Melbourne. Our population is exploding and new housing subdivisions are popping up everywhere.

This expansion is to help support the new warehouses and distribution centres that have been built in Somerton.

These new developments are drawing people to the area which is creating some unexpected win falls for pests.

Disturbed ground uncovers ants, termites, mice and rats that quickly relocate. Unfortunately for local Craigieburn residents, they are locating into homes close by.

Jim’s Pest Control knows this, as we are getting regular phone calls from residents who are being invaded.

Jim’s Pest Control Craigieburn – firsthand knowledge

Jim’s Pest Control has been servicing Craigieburn residents for years. We are watching these pests being displaced by these developments and know firsthand the distress this is causing locals.

We know that ants that only just survived in the area are suddenly overrunning the community. They have really capitalized on the abundant food sources that the increase in residential activity has created.

Rodents like rats who previously struggled to survive have benefitted from the new construction in the area. Roof voids provide the ideal environment for them to raise their families. This has led to an explosion in the number of rats and mice we are seeing in the community.

Pigeons from nearby warehouses are also setting up homes in residential areas. Solar panels that residents are putting on their roofs provide the ideal home for them. They are just the right high for them to build a nest under and the warmth from the panels helps incubate their eggs.

This is just some of the knowledge that your local Jim’s Pest Control technician has. This firsthand knowledge combined with a superior skill set enables us to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Meet your local business owner

Steve McBride is an outstanding pest control provider in Craigieburn. He is your local owner and operator of the Jim’s Pest Control business in Craigieburn.

He previously worked as a bread delivery driver but the odd hours he worked did not allow him to spend time with his family. He joined Jim’s as he saw this as an opportunity for him to be able to help his local community.

On the weekends he likes to spend time with his friends and family. Unfortunately for them since he has taken up pest control all he talks about is pests. He is continually talking about what he has found and how he has treated them.

Clients in Craigieburn love that he is very passionate about his job. They are quietly confident that he will be able to eliminate any pest they may have.

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