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Dandenong is a great place in Melbourne to live. A short drive will take you to Mount Dandenong that has outstanding views of Melbourne on a sunny day.

The Melbourne Water Recreation Area is close by and can be found on the banks of the Dandenong Creek. These wetland areas are havens for birds and other animals that are attracted to the area. The reason birds arrive in the area is to feed on the abundant insects and other pests that call these wetlands home.

Pests have the ideal breeding conditions provided to them in the form of a permanent water source. This has led to locals reporting invasions of pests in particular during the warm summer months.

Jim’s Pest Control Dandenong – local knowledge gets results

Local knowledge is the key, to putting in place good pest control programs. Firsthand experience with how the pests behave in the environment it vital to any successful pest treatment.

Our locally owned and family-run pest control businesses know how pests behave. They have lived and worked in the Dandenong area for years and have themselves experienced pest problems.

Being part of Jim’s group our technicians are constantly being exposed to new products that are available on the market. We spend a lot of time training our technicians on these new products that produce superior results for our clients.

If you combine the knowledge of products with local experience the results are deadly for pests.

What do wombats and termites have in common?

An interesting call Jim’s Pest Control received one day was from a client that had discovered termites. We dispatch our local Dandenong technician. Upon arriving to give a quote, he investigated the subfloor of the home.

He and the owner were quite shocked at what he found. The client not only had termites in the subfloor but also Wombats. It’s hard to say what’s more concerning to the client, the termites eating their home or the Wombats undermining it.

This presented a huge challenge to the technician as he had to treat the termites without affecting the Wombats.

Jim’s technicians have a vast knowledge in pest control products. The technician was able to come up with a great solution that would solve their problems.

This is the type of job that our technicians enjoy as it challenges them to use all of their knowledge and skills to problem-solve.

Meet your local Dandenong pest expert

Mike is your very experience, Jim’s Pest Control Dandenong business owner. He has been involved in the pest control industry for a very long time and has witnessed the changes in the industry.

His clients love the fact that he is very approachable and cares for his clients. Some even consider Mike to be family as he has been servicing them for what seems like a lifetime.

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