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People that live in Deception Bay consider themselves very lucky. We have a great climate that means it is never really cold. We live a relaxed lifestyle and enjoy what nature provides. Locals love to spend their weekends on local beaches, even when it is raining.

Due to our climate pests are also attracted to this area. The high rainfall is just what insects need to breed and during the warmer months they can breed up in vast numbers. This attracts other pests like spiders, rats and mice that feed on the abundant source of food.

It is not uncommon for Deception Bay residents to report getting waves of pests entering their homes and businesses.

Our warm, humid climate is the ideal breeding condition for cockroaches. One single pair of cockroaches can breed rapidly having up to 32 babies at a time. This has resulted in many food outlets in the area being overrun by cockroaches very quickly.

Jim’s Pest Control Deception Bay never-ending fight

Jim’s Pest Control understands how invasive these pests are for Deception Bay locals. We know that no matter what residents do they still get invaded by pests.

Some would even go on to say that it was a never-ending fight. It seems that as soon as you get rid of one pest another takes its place.

This is why Deception Bay locals would rather call a local Jim’s, than tackle pest armies by themself. They know that the local technician has a superior arsenal of products that can combat the most stubborn pests.

Clients are reassured that Jim’s will only be happy once the pests have been eliminated.

Where do pests like to hide?

Pests can hide in several locations in your home. They are sneaky little critters and usually only like to venture out at night. You can almost hear the screams in the middle of the night when someone has discovered pests lurking in their kitchen. Often clients don’t even know they have a pest problem until their place is overrun.

Common places they like to hide are:

  • Backs of fridges or freezers
  • Cupboard hinges
  • Dishwashers
  • Garages
  • Roof voids
  • Coffee machines
  • Toasters

Pest will like to hide in any dark, quiet secured spot.

Some simple signs that you can look for that might signal you have a pest problem are:

  • Nibble marks on your fruit
  • Holes chewed in bags
  • Black spotting around kitchen cupboards
  • Dirt marks on walls, that when wiped away, reappear
  • Brown smear marks around holes in walls
  • Food disappearing

These are just some of the indicators that you may have pests. If you have seen some of the things on this list then it is an early indication you have pests. Your local pest expert will be able to give you advice on which one it is likely to be.

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