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Eltham is a suburb of Melbourne that has the Yarra River running through its southern boundary. This is a great place to relax on the weekend and the walking tracks are fantastic.

The Yarra River is known amongst pest control companies as a highway for pests. Often rats and foxes travel up and down the banks on the river’s edge. Possums and other pests will use the trees to move in and around the area.

Local orchids in the area also provide food sources for these pests and warehouses or sheds provide shelter.

Termites are quite prolific in the area and residents call Jim’s almost daily after they have discovered termites inside their home.

Jim’s Pest Control Eltham local knowledge

Jim’s Pest Control has experienced local technicians that have been in the area for years. They have great knowledge about how pests invade local homes, from the nearby bushlands.

While bushlands are great to visit, not many people understand how many pests are lurking there. Bushlands are homes for rats, mice, snakes, possums and a massive population of termites. If you look carefully you find termites every ten meters or so.

Locals have great pride in their gardens and spend a large amount of time there. Unfortunately, they unknowingly make it easier for termites to enter their home. They quite often put the garden beds right up against the slab edge of their home. This makes it easy for termites to access their home undetected.

This is a particular concern for homes in the Nillumbik area.

Video Gamers needed Jim’s help

One of the more interesting jobs we have attended was for rodents at Nintendo Australia. They had rung up as they were being invaded by rats and didn’t know what to do.

Our technician quickly arrived on-site and assessed what needed to be done. As this guy had been a lifelong fan of Mario Brothers, getting to see behind these scenes was amazing to him. It was hard to tell who was most impressed, the client with how quickly the tech dealt with the rats or the tech who saw how they made games.

Meet your local Eltham business owner

Michael, your local Jim’s Pest Control business owner, has been involved in the pest control business most of his life. He works the family-run pest control business with his two sons. Training is important to him and he is always learning about new products that will deliver better results to his clients.

A great tip that Michael gives, is to listen to the advice given before and after a pest treatment. Professional advice will reduce the risk of pests getting back into your home or business.

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