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Frankston is a lovely seaside suburb of Melbourne. During the summertime people swarm the area to take advantage of the great beaches we have.

People and locals alike are drawn to the area to visit such attractions like the Seaford Wetlands and Pines Flora and Fauna Reserve. These areas attract a large number of native animals that rely on these areas for food and water.

Pests are attracted to the area for the same reasons. Waterways provide the ideal environment for insects and bugs to breed in. In the summer time they breed in significant numbers and can be annoying for locals spending time outside.

Sunset to early evenings are when these insects are most active. Locals know if they venture out after dark then they are likely to be eaten alive by the mosquitoes.

Due to the large number of insects, it has meant that spiders are quite common in our community. Many Frankston locals call Jim’s as they want to keep these pests at bay.

Jim’s Pest Control Frankston – experienced local

Jim’s Pest Control in Frankston has been treating all manner of pests in the area for years.

We have experience and knowledge of the pests that are hiding in our community. We have the knowledge of how termites attack local’s homes in the area. We know that the sandy soils are ideal for termites to burrow through.

Cockroaches can be a particular concern for local business owners and residents alike. Just one pair of cockroaches can breed rapidly. Cockroaches have been known to squeeze into tight places to lay their egg sacks.

Did you know that a cockroach egg sack can hold up to 32 baby cockroaches inside and hatch in a matter of weeks?

This is why so many properties can be quickly overrun by cockroaches. Jim’s Pest Control recommends that local businesses be checked regularly for these pests.

Most restaurants and food outlet in the area call their local Jim’s to put preventative measures in place to ensure they don’t get overrun by these pests.

Meet your local expert

Michael Spartels has been treating pests in the Frankston area since 2007. He really enjoys helping locals with their pest problems and understands how important this is to his community.

Michael enjoys the challenge that pest control provides. He knows from his years of experience that not all pests will behave in the same way. It is just amazing how the same species of cockroach can behave differently depending on the environment they are in.

His passion for pest control has made him the go-to expert in Frankston that locals trust will fix any pest control issues.

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