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Geelong North has a large number of factories and warehouses in the area. Warehouses often harbour a variety of pests, from snakes through to rats.

These pests often invade homes in the area. During the warm summer months, pests like mosquitoes and flies are prolific in the area. In the winter months when it rains, rats and mice seek shelter in homes.

Jim’s has local experienced experts that will handle your pest issues.

Jim’s Pest Control Geelong North – local knowledge

Jim’s Pest Control Geelong has been servicing the community in the area since 2011. We have firsthand knowledge of how pests behave in our community.

Rats are quite prolific in the area as we have a large number of places where they can shelter. Train tracks and sheds often provide the perfect environment for rats and mice to raise a family.

The edge of the Corio Bay provides the ideal hunting ground for rats and other pests. It is not uncommon to see these pests foraging around after dark looking for food.

With the large number of pests in Geelong North, has meant that other predators have moved in. It is quite common for local technicians to be called out to capture snakes. During the summer we get several calls a week for these reptiles that have wandered into a workplace or home.

Local knowledge on how pests behave in the Geelong North area is vital to the success of any pest management plan.

Continuous pest control training and education

Your local pest technician is constantly being trained in the latest developments in the industry. Every 6 weeks they get together with other Jim’s Pest Control technicians to discuss new products. They discuss how these new products are working and when and where to use them.

This results in Jim’s Pest Control technicians delivering exceptional results for the clients in Geelong North. The local technician wears the Jim’s brand so they have extremely high customer expectations on them.

Some of the simple things that they must do under the brand are:

  • Call clients back within a 2-hour period (usually within 10 minutes)
  • Arrive on time for appointments
  • Always answer any questions the clients may have

This is good old fashion customer service which Jim’s is renowned for.

Greg, your local Geelong North pest expert

Greg is the local Jim’s Pest Control business owner. He has lived and worked in the Geelong North area for most of his life. He has a great understanding of the pests we see in our community and has spent time learning how to treat these pests.

Snakes are quite common in our community and Greg understands this. He has obtained his snake handlers license several years ago to accommodate for his clients.

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