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Geelong is a great community to live and work in. We have a great foreshore that locals love to picnic on. The main pier is a great place to walk along, especially at sunrise or sunset.

These piers and other jetties are also home to pests like rats, pigeons and cockroaches. Often at night, you can see these pests scurrying around looking for any scraps the locals may have dropped.

Possums like the area as well and you can quite often see them after dark in our local parks.

Jim’s Pest Control Geelong – common pests we treat

In Geelong, our local pest technicians treat all manner of pests. Some of the more common ones, we see in our community are:

  • Ants, particularly around new developing areas
  • Redback spiders are often found around most homes
  • Rats and mice in every home
  • Cockroaches commonly infest local businesses.

All of these pests can be very scary when clients discover them. Our technicians understand this and will do their best to put your mind at ease.

Better pest control results when using Jim’s

A great reason for using Jim’s Pest Control is that we use the latest products available. This is very important for all of our clients as it enables us to resolve pest issues that other companies can’t fix.

An example of this was a Barwon Heads restaurant. They had cockroach problems for years and the pest control company that they had been using could not control them.

It was so bad that the Health department had to order for them to close. That’s when the owners decided to call Jim’s.

Our technician went out the very next day and investigated the situation. He found that the previous pest controller had been battling with the cockroaches for 2 years, with little success.

The technician deployed some glue boards to work out how big the population was. Even he was quite shocked to discover, two days later that they were full of cockroaches.

Luckily for the client, there was a new product that had just been released and Jim’s was one of the first companies to have it available.

It was applied to the affected areas and within 14 days the cockroaches were all eliminated. The client could not believe how quickly it worked and was extremely thankful they didn’t have to close their business. Their only regret was that they did not call Jim’s sooner.

Meet your local pest expert

Ian is your local business owner and lives in the area.  He is very experienced in the pest control issues that our community faces.

He is a local and has firsthand knowledge of how pests behave in Geelong. His experience and knowledge enables cost-effective treatments to be put in place that deliver outstanding results for his clients.

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