Jim’s is your local pest control Golden Grove expert. Our techs servicing the area are experienced, fully trained, and insured. You can trust the Jim’s name to help you with any pest problem.

To get in touch with us, simply call 131 546 and our friendly staff will take your details.

Golden Grove is a great suburb in the North of Adelaide. We have lots of parks and reserves in the area which are fantastic for families. Locals love using the walking tracks in the area to explore the native bushland.

Reserves in the area create corridors for native animals like Kangaroos to move about. These corridors enable pests to freely move about these areas as well.

Creek beds and native bushland provide the ideal environment for pests to thrive in. These pests are left alone so their number builds up very quickly. If you are wandering around these walking tracks you will see that almost all fallen timbers have been eaten by termites.

When the conditions are right, pests will then venture out of these areas in search of new places they can call home.

Unfortunately for residents that back onto these reserves, they are the first point of call for these pests.

Jim’s Pest Control Golden Grove saving bees

Jim’s Pest Control Golden Grove is unique in regards to our approach to bees. We understand how important these little creatures are for our environment. That is why we are committed to catching and relocating bees where possible.

Bees that are caught are taken to awaiting beekeepers, who quickly re-home them. We think it is a fantastic result for the bees, our environment and beekeepers.

Obviously, not all bees can be saved. Ones that have established themselves in walls, trees or other difficult-to-access places may not be saved.

Extensive training delivering superior results

Jim’s is well known for our exceptional customer service. We believe that to deliver superior results for our clients we need to be continuously training.

The pest control industry like the rest of the world is changing rapidly. New technologies are being developed daily that deliver better results using less chemicals.

Targeted pest control is now the direction the industry is going in. To explain it in simple terms, baits are now being developed where the pests do the work for us. They willingly carry the loaded bait back to the nest and eliminate the whole colony. This is much better for our clients and the environment as it means we used less chemicals.

Our technicians must attend training sessions every 6 weeks to learn about the new products entering the market. They learn how to correctly apply the products and how they will deliver results for their clients.

When new products are released, Jims are some of the first pest control companies that get to trial them. Within weeks of a release, we know how effective the product will be to control pests.

This is the reason why Golden Grove residents trust that Jim’s Pest Control will deliver them outstanding results.

Meet your local small business owner

Wayne Lawson is the local owner of the Jim’s Pest Control business in Golden Grove. He originally worked at Holden’s and when they closed he took up the opportunity to start his own business.

He works in the business with his wife and hopes that in future his children will come into the business. His customers are wrapped with the service that he delivers. They are constantly giving Jim’s feedback on how happy they are with his exceptional service.

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