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Gordon Park is a lovely suburb of Brisbane that has an abundance of parks and sports fields. We also have the Kedron Brook running on the outskirts, which is a great place to walk and relax.

This waterway is a great breeding spot for pests and provides shelter for lots of different insects in the area.

Pest Control Gordon Park – expert local knowledge

Our Jim’s Pest Control Gordon Park technician is a local and knows the area well. He lives and works in the community and has great firsthand knowledge of how pests interact with residents.

Pests are affected by the seasons, and when the storms come, the pests will behave differently.  They will tend to seek out places to hide from the summer downpours.

When the Kedron Brook floods, he knows that this can drive the pests from the banks into houses.  This causes rats, mice and other pests to invade homes and businesses in the area.

When locals are choosing a pest control provider in the Gordon Park area, they should consider that local knowledge will be beneficial to getting their pest issues resolved quickly.

Helpful tips to reduce the pests

There are some great things you can do to help reduce the attractiveness of your home or business to potential pests. Some quick and easy things you can do are:

  • ensure you clean regularly around your home or business
  • cut back branches from overhanging buildings
  • fix any water leaks
  • store all food in sealed containers
  • keep the grass cut
  • removed any stored goods from around your buildings
  • seal up any holes or entrance points in your buildings

The above suggestions are just things that have been the cause of pest problems for our current clients. All of these, if kept on top of, will result in the home or business being less prone to pests.

Meet your local pest control technician

Adrian has been providing pest control services in the Gordon Park community for several years.  He is very experienced in all aspects of pest control, and there is no job too big or too small that he won’t tackle.

In Adrian’s spare time he loves to spend time walking his dogs and spending time in our community.  As he runs a local family-run business, he also likes to support other small businesses in the Gordon Park area.

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