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Greenbank is a fast-growing suburb on the outskirts of Brisbane. More and more people are discovering how beautiful the area is and are moving here. There has been a lot of new housing developments in the area to cope with this demand.

Bushland and farms are being subdivided and new homes seem to be popping up everywhere. Unfortunately for native animals, the destruction has resulted in them being displaced.

The same can be said for pests like spiders, termites and rats in the area. Unlike native animals that simply move on, pests just move into homes close by. It is not uncommon for Jim’s to get phone calls from distressed Greenbank residents that are being invaded.

New homes being built on disturbed ground provide the ideal opportunity for pests like ants, termites and spiders. Often these pests will move into your Greenbank home even before you do.

Jim’s Pest Control Greenbank – ant & termite specialists

Jim’s Pest Control Greenbank has been tackling local pest issues for years. We have a great understanding of how termites invade local homes.

Termites can be very sneaky and often enter a home or business undetected. It is never good to receive a phone call from a distressed local that has just found termites munching on their home. By the time Greenbank residents notice termites they have already caused significant damage.

Ants are prolific in the area. There are several different species in the area and all homes have ants. Commonly black ants invade kitchens looking for sweet things to eat. If they manage to find a jar of honey or bowl of sugar, one ant will soon turn into hundreds.

Our technicians spend a lot of time training with the newest products to be released on the market. Pest Control products these days are now targeted in their approach.

No longer is it acceptable to blanket spray an area to kill all insects and pests. Jim’s Pest Control Greenbank is committed to using better products that require less chemicals. In some cases, we even now have products where the pests unknowingly carry the chemical back to the nest.

This approach has delivered superior, cost-effective results for our clients and is why we are the go-to experts in Greenbank.

Meet your local business owner

Gerry Murphy owns and operates your local Jim’s Pest Control business in Greenbank. Gerry delivers exceptional customer service to his valued clients.

He will always go above and beyond with pest treatments. His clients love the fact that he offers free advice on what his clients can do to help reduce their pest problems.

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