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Greensborough is a rapidly growing suburb of Melbourne. There are lots of new housing developments in the area as people escape the rat race in the city.

These new developments are often buildings on old farmlands and back onto nature reserves, like Yellow Gum Park. This is displacing native animals and a large population of pests which search for new homes.

Homes being built in the area provide the perfect shelter for these pests. We receive calls daily by Greensborough locals reporting pests such as ants, cockroaches, rats, spiders and termites invading their homes and businesses.

Locals trust Jim’s Pest Control Greensborough

Jim’s Pest Control has been servicing the local Greensborough community for years. Locals know the high expectation, which is placed on Jim’s businesses, in relation to customer service.

Our local technicians are at the forefront of the pest control industry. We used modern chemicals and practices that deliver fantastic results for our clients.

Jim’s Group has been servicing the Australian public since 1989 and is trusted by thousands of people daily, to get the job done.

Pest control experts with years of experience

Jim’s Group is unique in the fact that we search out the best-performing pest technicians in Australia. We then give these technicians the opportunity to join our team by starting their own businesses.

With a high level of support from suppliers and senior techs, it only builds on the reputations of these high-achieving individuals.

This is why so many Greensborough residents use Jim’s Pest Control. They are confident that technicians will resolve any pest issue they may have. There is the famous Jim’s Customer Satisfaction Guarantee that backs this up.

Tips that you can do to reduce pest activity

Our local technicians believe to get the best possible results out of any pest control treatments, there are a few things clients can do. These are quick and easy and take no time at all.

Some examples of what a pest technician may ask you to do are:

  • Empty your kitchen rubbish bins nightly
  • Wipe your bench tops down after each meal
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight
  • Regularly vacuum and wash the floors
  • Remove any excess cardboard from your home
  • Don’t line your shelves with newspaper
  • Clean under your fridge.

Most of the above suggestions, we know from our experience, will encourage pests into your home if not done.

If you have a food source it will be attractive to pests like cockroaches, ants and rats. Paper and cardboard also provide spots for cockroaches to hide as well as nesting material for mice.

Although these things sound simple, if not done they are often the reason why pests infest local homes and businesses.

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