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North of the city of Perth you will find the suburb of Gwelup. It’s a great part of Perth with some great Golf Courses in close vicinity. The warehouse district provides employment for locals. It provides shelter and food sources for pests like pigeons, rats, cats and mice.

We have Big Carine Swamp close by which is a great spot to go bird spotting. Birds are attracted to this swamp to gorge themselves on the insects that breed there. Pests are abundant in this area for the same reasons.

Pests breed up in significant numbers during the summer and the excess population spreads out to homes and businesses close by.

Rats and mice breed up in significant numbers in the factories and warehouses. The young when old enough then explore the surrounding Gwelup area looking for a place they can call home.

Jim’s Pest Control Gwelup experience that counts

Jim’s has been stopping pests from invading Gwelup homes and businesses since 2011. We have local expert technicians that have been trained in all aspects of pest control.

Our technicians live locally, so see firsthand the pests in our community. They know the times of the year that mice and rats invade homes.

Their knowledge about how termites will enter Gwelup homes is invaluable. Clients are quite often surprised when a technician will point out exactly where termites have entered. Quite often it is the last place that a client would think of.

Effective pest treatments

Jim’s Pest Control Gwelup believes in providing the best possible pest control services available. The pest control industry is rapidly changing and new products are being released almost daily.

We spend an extensive amount of time each month learning about new products. Meetings are held every 6 weeks with other pest control technicians to discuss how effective these new products are. This enables us to deliver effective pest treatments to our clients that have been proven to work.

A great example of this was a product that was released in 2018. It was a new spray product that would change the way we treat infestations of cockroaches.

Traditionally we would have to flood a home or kitchen with chemicals and force the cockroaches out of their hiding spots. We would then repeat this process 3 times to get them under control. It was a quite invasive and messy process.

When the new product hit the market, Jim’s trailed it straight away. It was applied by spot spraying areas and encouraged cockroaches to come out and feed on it. It was trailed on infestations and the technicians were amazed to see 95% elimination after just one treatment.

This product has delivered outstanding results for our clients ever since.

Your local business owner

Mark Bubb has been involved in the pest control industry for years. He prides himself on delivering pest control above the expectations of his clients. He is not happy until the pest issues have been resolved.

Mark loves living in the Gwelup area as it is close to the beach where he likes to walk with his family. On the weekends and holidays, he likes to go camping and getting back to nature. Unfortunately for his family even when camping he is always looking for pests like termites.

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