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Heidelberg is one of the prettiest suburbs of Melbourne. We have so many recreational activities in the area that locals are bound to find something that interests them.

Whether it is cricket, golf, tennis or simply walking along the Yarra River there is always something to do.

Areas like the local Billabongs are very popular amongst locals. On weekends the area is flooded with locals enjoying the parklands with their families.

Pests are attracted to this area as well. Dropped sandwiches and picnic baskets are invaded almost constantly by ants. Ants love the fact that locals bring the food to them for their rapidly expanding families.

During the wintertime, food sources tend to dry up. When the rains arrive water floods this area often. This causes pests like ants, rodents, spiders and other pests to seek higher ground.

Unfortunately for Heidelberg residents, this higher ground is usually their homes or businesses. Jim’s Pest Control notices phone calls increase dramatically when it rains.

Jim’s Pest Control Heidelberg – professional expertise

Jim’s Pest Control has been providing professional advice and treatments to the Heidelberg community for a very long time. Our technicians have a great understanding of how pests invade our local homes.

Ants have been particularly bad in the area over the years and seem to appear out of know where. Often clients will spot just one ant wandering around in the kitchen. Next time they look their kitchens are overrun by a small army that has likely found a rich food source like the sugar bowl.

Ants can be particularly annoying to people and sprays will often only kill one or two. You treat one area and sure enough, they will pop up somewhere else.

This is where professional expertise comes into its own. These days Jim’s Pest Control technicians prefer to bait the ants out. They provide them with a palatable bait source that they eagerly carry back to the nest. This results in eliminating the ant colony very quickly using a minimal amount of chemicals.

Meet your local expert

Chien Ling owns and operates your local Jim’s Pest Control business in Heidelberg. He has built a very successful business over the years. This business has grown due to the great customer service he provides and his professional approach to pest control.

Chien is the new breed of pest controller and has exceptional pest control techniques. He prides himself on delivering outstanding results for his clients. Training is a top priority to him as he believes to deliver the best possible treatments then he must always be learning about new products.

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