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Hillbank is a great northern suburb of Adelaide to raise a family. For kids in the area, there are lots of parks and hills to explore. Carisbrook Park is a favourite by locals and many families go there on the weekend to kick the footy and have a BBQ.

Native animals call his area home as well. Lots of birds and possums live in the large gum trees in the area. Kangaroos can be spotted in the foothills and on occasion you will see them hopping down Hillbank streets.

Pests like termites and rats are active in the area as well. Large trees provide the perfect base for termites to establish large colonies. These termites often hollow out trees which provide hollows for bees and other pests.

Cockroaches like the hollows provided by termites as it provides them shelter from other predators. Even if a swarm of bees move in, it won’t upset the cockroaches. In actual fact, it will provide them with a nice sugary food source that will enable them to grow their families quickly.

These are some of the reasons why Hillbank residents get inundated with pests on a regular basis and call Jim’s to help.

Jim’s Pest Control Hillbank – outstanding results

Jim’s Pest Control has been helping Hillbank residents with all of the pest issues since 2011. In that time we have seen many significant changes in the area that have affected our community.

The closing of Holden’s Manufacturing plant had a huge impact on our community. It was not however all bad news as it gave locals the opportunity to try something different.

Jim’s Pest Control saw this as an opportunity to train the new era of pest controllers. We selected some of the best workers that Holden’s had and trained them extensively in all aspects of pest control.

We gave them the most up-to-date techniques and product knowledge that have been delivering superior results for our clients. We knew that if they follow our proven pest control techniques, they would be able to deliver outstanding results to Hillbank residents.

Meet your local family business owner

Shaun Goulding owns and operates your local pest control business with his wife and two children. Since taking on his business Shaun has excelled at pest control. He gets a satisfying feeling knowing that he has been able to help his local community.

Shaun’s children love to play sports and you will quite often find him on the sidelines of the sports field. When not at sports fields he likes to explore the Cobbler Creek area. While walking around in the area he can’t help but point out to his family the pests that can be spotted in the area.

This might drive his family nuts, but it just goes to show how passionate Shaun is about pest control. This has led to him being one of the best pest control providers we have in Adelaide.

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