Jim’s is your local pest control Hillside expert. Our techs servicing the area are experienced, fully trained, and insured. You can trust the Jim’s name to help you with any pest problem.

If you need to get in touch with us, simply call 131 546 and our friendly staff will take your details.

Hillside is a great place to live and work. We have attractions in the area which attract visitors from all over Australia, like the Calder Park Raceway.

We are not alone in our community as all sorts of different pests call Hillside home. There are healthy populations of spiders, rats, mice and other bugs in the area.

New housing developments in the area are causing all sorts of problems for pests as their homes are being destroyed. On the plus side, new buildings are being built every day which provides the ideal shelter for them.

Jim’s Pest Control Hillside – trusted by locals

Jim’s Pest Control has been providing pest control services to Melbourne and the Hillside community since 2011. Most of our technicians have been involved in the pest control industry for years before they decided to join Jim’s.

All of our technicians decided to join Jim’s as they wanted to start their own business. They saw Jim’s as the vessel that would make this happen. Jim’s has long been trusted by locals for great customer service.

Jim’s are very selective of who they allow to represent the brand, as only the best operators will do. The Hillside business owner has exceptional customer service and is trusted by locals to get the job done.

What you can do to reduce pests in Hillside

Hillside residents are always asking what they can do to reduce the amount of pests around their homes. Here are some great ideas that we recommend:

  1. Get rid of garbage as soon as possible
  2. Keep your home and garden, free of litter
  3. Any leftover food, dispose of quickly
  4. Dispose of any cardboard boxes
  5. Deal with any pests you find quickly

The above tips are really important as pests will only invade your home or business for a reason. If you remove the reason for the pests being there they will quite often move on or reduce in number. These are common sense, but with our busy lifestyles, we often don’t have enough time to get them done.

Meet your local Hillside pest expert

Mario is your local Jim’s Pest Control expert in Hillside. He has been servicing the local community for several years and is very experienced. He lives and works in the community so he has a great understanding of the pests that are in our community.

One of the funniest situations he had come across was as follows;

An extremely worried couple had come across a huge wolf spider peeking over their curtain rails. They locked themselves in a room and called Jim’s for help.

They asked our technician to come over immediately to deal with this scary pest. When he arrived he was pointed in the direction of the massive spider. As he approached the spider, which was in an awkward position, he nearly fell off his ladder in laughter, as he realised it was just a hair clip.

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