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Morningside is a suburb on the outskirts of Brisbane. Although we are only a stone’s throws away from the heart of Brisbane we have a great local community. We all come together as a community for great events like the Morningside Festival.

It’s great to see the community supporting family-run businesses in the area. We at Jim’s Pest Control Morningside are a family-run and owned business.

Our technicians live and work in the local community. We always like to support our local businesses as we understand how difficult it is, for other small businesses.

Pests like this area as well. Homes and businesses provide shelter for pests like cockroaches, rats, mice and spiders. The railway lines and Perrin Creek provide an easy path for pests to travel about our community.

Jim’s Pest Control Morningside – summer invasions

Most people think that the only invasion we get are tourists. However summer signals to pests that it is time to breed. The rainfall and higher humidity is the ideal environment for insects to breed up in vast numbers.

Spiders set up webs on fences and homes to catch the abundant food supply. Ants swarm over people’s yards in search of any insects that may have died.

These pests can be very annoying and have ruined many BBQs and picnics. They don’t just stop outside either. If an open door presents itself, they will seize the opportunity and fly or crawl inside.

These are some of the reasons why Morningside locals get their houses sprayed before summer arrives. They find that a treatment by a local Jim’s Pest Control technician keeps the pests at bay for months. Some clients even prefer to get their houses treated every 6 months to ensure they have no unwanted guests.

Buried oak attracts termites

Did you know that termites prefer to eat oak?

Oak timbers are a high source of cellulose material. Termites need to eat cellulose to be able to survive and reproduce. Most termite baiting systems available on the market today use oak timbers to attract and keep termites in the area.

Another interesting fact is that homes close to cemeteries often get attacked by termites. It is not uncommon for whole streets to get attacked all at the same time.

Meet you local business owner

Andy Sisodia owns and operates your local Jim’s Pest Control Business in Morningside. His clients love the fact that he is very accommodating and very knowledgeable in all aspects of pest control.

Andy understands how busy life has become and believes in making himself available at times which is convenient to his clients. He offers free practical advice on what homeowners can do to reduce their pest issues.

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