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Mount Barker is one of the best places in the Adelaide Hills. In the middle of town, we have all the amenities of cities, like cinemas and major retail outlets. Yet if you drive 5 minutes out of town we have rolling hills in a rural setting.

In recent years city people have discovered how good the living is here. They have moved into the area in droves and we have seen substantial residential development in the area.

Unfortunately for these people they have never experienced living in a rural area. They don’t understand that pests have called this area home for years. New developments have actually invaded and destroyed their homes.

Land being cleared has disturbed and destroyed the homes of termites, ants, cockroaches, and possums. But it is not all bad news for these pests and the construction of new homes creates opportunities.

New developments in the area are more focused on the environment. Quite often developers will include creeks and ponds in their developments. While this is nice for residents, it is a huge windfall for pests.

Jim’s Pest Control Mount Barker sees increase in pests

As these new ponds and creeks are being developed no one thinks about how this will impact pests. Ponds with water in it all year round are just what pests have been missing.

Often during the summer months, pests are restricted by the amount of water in the area. They often don’t stray far from this as it provides water and a food source in the form of insects.

With these new developments in the area, it has meant that pests can now breed all year round. They can also expand their horizons as there are multiple water sources in the area.

This has led to locals in the Mount Barker area reporting an increase in the number of pests invading their homes and businesses.

Buried stumps and logs hide termites

Did you know that termites need two things to survive? The first is water, without it, they cannot support the colony growth. Secondly, they need a food source in the form of timber.

Many Mount Barker locals think that just burying timber in their yard will get rid of it. They think that if they cannot see it then it isn’t there.
However, burying timber is perfect for termites. When the timber gets wet and rots it produces CO2. A termite’s sense of smell is great and they can detect even the smallest piece of timber in the ground.

We get call-outs weekly for clients with termite issues and most of that can be linked back to wet timber in or around the home.

Meet your local pest business owner

James King owns and operates the local Jim’s Pest Control business in Mount Barker with his wife Carol. James has been working in the pest control industry for a large percentage of his life.

Although he has left the industry occasionally he always comes back to it as he is so passionate about pest control. He joined Jim’s as he believes it would allow him to deliver even better results for his clients.

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