Jim’s is your local pest control Narre Warren expert. Our techs servicing the area are experienced, fully trained, and insured. You can trust the Jim’s name to help you with any pest problem.

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Narre Warren is a great place in Melbourne to raise a family. We have the Fountain Gate shopping centre which is the second biggest shopping centre in Australia. This is very popular with locals as you can buy just about anything you need there.

The Eumemmering Creeks runs through the middle of the suburb. This used to be grazing areas for stock but with the growing population in Narre Warren, this land has been quickly developed for housing.

We have a dense population with Census reporting back in 2011 that there were 2000 people living in Narre Warren per square kilometre.

Dense living means there are some great opportunities for pests. The fact that there is more rubbish in the area presents opportunities for pests to scavenge food out of bins.

Pests like rats, mice, cockroaches and pigeons are prolific in the area. Their numbers have flourished due to the ample food supply.

Jim’s Pest Control Narre Warren trusted local

Jim’s has been delivering exceptional customer service to Narre Warren residents for 30 years. With the introduction of the pest control division in 2011, the tradition has continued.

We have local experts that have been trained in all aspects of pest control. We have seen all the pests that frequent the area and get regular calls to treat ants, cockroaches, spiders, rats and termites.

Our technicians spend an extensive amount of time training with industry experts in the latest products and techniques. These products and techniques have been delivering superior results for Jim’s clients all over Australia.

We are the trusted experts that locals know will resolve any pest control issue they may have.

What should you do in you find termites?

Termites can be a terrifying ordeal if you find them in your Narre Warren home or business. Just mentioning the name sends shivers down most people’s spines.

We have all heard those horror storeys where homes have been eaten by these demolition experts. They can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars to homes in a matter of months.

If you find termites on your property or inside your home then there are some really important steps you should follow. They are:

  1. Do not spray them with any chemicals
  2. Cover them up as best possible
  3. Call a professional in to get them correctly identified
  4. Have a visual termite inspection to see the extent of the damage

Covering them up and not spraying them is critical for the success of any termite treatment. If they are disturbed they will move out of the area but will eventually return.

Meet your local business owner

AJ Buttar owns and operates your local Jim’s Pest Control business in Narre Warren. He is married and has two children. His previous job did not allow him enough time to spend with his family, which is important to him.

He had always wanted to start his own business and with Jim’s help has been able to establish a very successful business. He loves the fact that he is now able to fix pest issues for his clients in the local community.

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