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Pemulwuy is the entertainment area in Western Sydney, with lots of attractions like Wet ‘n’ Wild and Sydney Motorsport Park. We have many reserves in the area that are great fun to explore with the kids.

These reserves and waterways also attract a large number of pests. Insects breed in substantial numbers in the area which are food sources for other pests like spiders and mice. This in turn attracts other scarier pests like snakes.

Snakes and rats use the cover of bushes and shrubs to move around the Pemulwuy area. When wet weather arrives then these pests invade homes and businesses.

Jim’s Pest Control Pemulwuy – your trusted expert

Jim’s Pest Control has been servicing the Pemulwuy residents for years. We are the experts that locals trust to get their pest control issues resolved.

We use the most up to date products and practices that deliver superior results for our clients. Training is the key to learning about these new products and Jim’s has training sessions every 6 weeks.

Our clients have the advantage that our technicians meet regularly to discuss new products. A large portion of the meeting is spent discussing results of new products. We also have the ability to tap into the knowledge of 80 plus pest control businesses across Australia.

This makes Jim’s Pest Control the industry leading experts that deliver results every time.

Common pest in the Pemulwuy area

With our changing environment we are seeing more incidents of cockroaches and rodents invading homes and units. Often when you go to markets and purchase fruit and veg they are placed into cardboard boxes.

These cardboard boxes are often transporting more than just your fresh fruit and veg. Cockroaches use them to hide their young. It is not uncommon for roaches to be hiding in the fluting. People then unknowingly take them home and place the boxes in their kitchen.

To a cockroach they have just won the jackpot as they have been transported to a safe environment that has an abundance food source. Before long they will have multiplied ten times over and start to overrun the kitchen.

Once cockroaches have established then mice and other pests will move in to feast on the cockroaches. When this happens, often shop brought chemicals will have no effect on these populations.

That’s about the time that locals call Jim’s Pest Control as they need professional help to resolve their pest issues.

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Locals know that they can trust their Jim’s Pest Control business in Pemulwuy to resolve any pest problems quickly.

So, if you have some unwanted pests in your home or workplace and need some professional advice or treatment from an expert then, please call Jim’s on 131 546, or use the contact form here to get in touch.

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