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Penrith is at the base of the Blue Mountains near Sydney. It is a great place to raise a family as we have so many things to do in the area. There is no shortage of activities to keep the kids and adults time occupied.

In recent years we have seen new residential development in the area. Sydneysiders have discovered how great our community is and have moved here in droves.

They often drive here, visit a display home and make a decision on the spot to move here. They never ask questions about what the summertime is like and what pests are in the area.

When they move in, especially during summer time they suddenly realise the pest problems we face daily.

Jim’s Pest Control Penrith – your local specialist

Jim’s Pest Control has been treating Penrith homes and businesses for a very long time. We are the go-to experts that locals trust will fix any pest issue they have.

Our technicians live and work in the area so they have firsthand knowledge of the pests that lurk in our community. They know that in the summertime it is almost impossible to go outside without being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

A BBQ with family in the area can also be problematic. Flies and European wasps and other unwanted pests seem to come from miles away to try and score a free feed. While commonly brought fly sprays will deal with some they just don’t cut the mustard with the sheer numbers we see.

Rats, mice and termites are common in Penrith. These pests’ numbers have increased substantially over the years. The new housing developments are the cause, as the pests’ homes are being destroyed with land clearing.

Pests are often moving into new homes even before the owners are. By the time people move in, the pests will already be well established.

This is why Jim’s recommends getting a pest treatment done before you move in, so you don’t end up with any unwanted guests.

Fly and mosquito specialists

We know how annoying it can be when a mosquito or flies gets inside. Often you only discover them when you are trying to sleep. It’s only then that your start to hear the buzzing.

Our Jim’s Pest Control technicians can help you with flies and mosquitoes. We have developed special spraying techniques that enable us to treat the inside and outside of homes and businesses.

Clients in Penrith are so relieved that we are able to put treatments in place that can last several months. In most cases, it means that they can have a pest-free summer.

Meet your local business owner

Steven Dawes owns and operates your local Jim’s Pest Control business in Penrith. Like many other businesses in the area, it is family owned and operated. Steven Dawes has lived in the area for a long time and their children play sports here.

Steve decided to join Jim’s as he saw a huge advantage, they are the leading pest control providers in Australia. He knows that locals face a large number of pests in the Penrith area and many pest controllers just don’t know how to tackle them.

He has spent an extensive amount of time training with an industry expert that delivers exceptional results. Steve believes that he will be able to deliver the same results for his clients.

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