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Port Melbourne is a vibrant part of the city to live in. Locals love the area as we are sandwiched between white sandy beaches and the Yarra River.

We are lucky in the area as we have some great restaurants and food outlets. If we want to go on a holiday it is simple, just walk down to Station Pier and hop onboard one of the many cruise liners that dock there.

Locals quite often like to spend lazy Sundays in the local cafes and coffee shops soaking up the ambience. Families like to use the beach and having a feed of fish and chips is mandatory. Seagulls in the area do make pests of themselves as they swoop in to score any stray chips.

Other pests are also attracted to the area. The large amount of apartments in the area has led to a rapid rise in the number of pests we see.

Cockroaches are common in apartments as the warm conditions provide the ideal breeding environment all year round. Spiders love the conditions that apartments provide as well, especially the balconies.

Residents presume that because they live high up in an apartment that pests won’t reach them. Our local technicians know that this is not the case.

Jim’s Pest Control Port Melbourne – trusted expert

In Port Melbourne, we have a wide range of pests. Ants, spiders and cockroaches are quite common. There are some pests in the area that some locals would not even think about.

Bed Bugs, foxes, pigeons, and fleas are just some of the other pests that our local technicians see weekly. We have a great depth of knowledge of the different types of pests that live in our environment.

This depth of knowledge is why so many locals trust Jim’s Pest Control to eliminate their pest problems.

Bed Bugs call outs becoming more common

We are seeing a steep climb in the number of bed bug infestations that we are being called to. We put this down to people now being able to travel more readily. They often stay in hotels that may have bed bugs. These bugs then hitch a ride home in their bags.

It can be very upsetting when you discover these disgusting bloodsuckers in your bed. When you do discover them call us straight away and our technician will give you some advice on what you can do before we arrive.

Meet your local pest provider

James Lyon owns and operates your local Jim’s Pest Control business in Port Melbourne. James delivers exceptional customer service for his clients. This resulted in him being recognised by his peers, winning Franchisee of the year in 2018.

He is married and has two children. He has specialised his business around his commercial clients and gets great satisfaction out of eliminating pests in food outlets.

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