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Ringwood is a great eastern suburb of Melbourne. Ringwood has many parks and reserves, most notably, Ringwood Lake.

Great shopping is on offer in the Ringwood shopping centre. If you are looking at dining out there are some great hidden gems in the area that only locals know about.

When Ringwood was being planned they decided to leave lots of native corridors for native animals. Small creeks in the areas also attract wildlife as they provide food and water.

While these areas provide rest sites for native animals, pests are attracted to the area for similar reasons.

Jim’s Pest Control Ringwood – local knowledge

Local knowledge of pests in the area and how they behave is vital to the success of any pest control treatment.

Did you know that walking tracks like the Eastlink Trail provide vital pathways for pests?

Pests are abundant in the area and used the trail to move from one area to the next. Water is provided to them from the flowing creeks.

This water source attracts insects in droves. They will breed up in significant numbers during the warmer months. This then provides an almost unlimited food supply for pests like spiders and other bugs.

Locals in Ringwood that back onto these trails and waterways get regularly invaded by different pests. Depending on the time of year, will depend on which pest is around.

A local pest controller like Jim’s will have a good knowledge of these pest movements and will be able to put in preventative measures.

Why do chemicals I buy not work on pests?

Many people buy products from supermarkets or hardware stores hoping for a quick cheap fix. They often do not live up to the claims on the bottle and rarely work.

There are some very good reasons for this and sometimes is not actually to product’s fault.

Did you know that pest control chemicals used in Australia can be classified into two main types? Chemicals are either repellent or non-repellent.
As the names suggest, repellents will actually repel pests. Pests can actually sense that the product is there and will move away from the area if possible.

Non-repellents are undetectable by pests. These products are fantastic at treating pests as they will happily move across the area.

Unfortunately, the public is not made aware of this and often ends up buying the wrong product to treat the wrong pest. This is why a lot of do-it-yourself pest treatments don’t work.

Only a professional pest controller will know which products are repellents and which are not. This is why calling Jim’s will resolve your pest problems quickly and end up in the long run being cheaper.

Meet your local business owner

Mark Stephens is your local Jim’s Pest Control owner in Ringwood. He has dedicated 20 years, to finding and eliminating termites and has developed a master skill set for finding these pests. This has resulted in Mark now training most of the Jim’s Pest Control guys in Victoria.

Mark is a family man and is married and has two children. He loves to spend time with his family and watching his children grow up. You will often find Mark in one of the many parks, exploring the area and teaching his children how to find pests.

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