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Robina has a fantastic relaxed atmosphere which locals enjoy. Most locals who work in the Gold Coast or Brisbane look forward to heading home each day. The waterways in the area are great to fish in, or paddle on.

Our climate is what most locals live here for, but unfortunately, it is ideal for pests. High rainfalls provide the ideal breeding conditions for insects like flies and mosquitoes.

They seem to breed in massive numbers in the summertime and can be a real nuisance when entertaining.

The rock walls and canals provide the ideal environment for pests like rats and mice. You can quite often see them wandering about after dark looking for a free feed.

Our sandy soils and rainfall also provides the perfect environment for termites. A good supply of fresh water combined with the juicy timber in our homes is all termites require. Weekly we are putting in place termite treatments to keep these home destroyers away.

Jim’s Pest Control Robina – termite treatments

Pest Control technology has come a long way in the past few years. Termite treatments have changed substantially and there are now several options available to clients.

Australian termite colonies behave differently depending on species. It is important to understand what species of termites you have, as this will determine what treatment needs to be put in place. If the wrong treatment is put in place then the results can be disastrous.

Many houses in the Robina area have been completely eaten out by termites. It is critically important that you call in a local expert like Jim’s Pest Control if you find termites.

What pests do I have in Robina?

Residents in the Robina area, quite often hear noises in their roofs but are unsure of what is causing them. Quite often we get calls from clients describing a noise similar to a burglar in the roof. This always turns out to be possums.

Scratching and chewing noises is often mice and rats. They can do a lot of damage to wires in homes and this has resulted in house fires in Australia.

The most common call we get at Jim’s Pest Control is thousands of bugs invading homes. They are quite often small and very hard to identify. These are the types of jobs our technicians relish as it requires all of their knowledge and experience to correctly identify them.

Meet your local Robina pest control expert

Rob is your local Jim’s Pest Control business owner in Robina. He has been working in the pest control industry for a large portion of his life. He is an expert that locals trust and will fix any pests invading homes or businesses.

With years of experience under his belt, Rob is extremely accomplished in dealing with termites and other pests in the area. As he is local, he understands how distressing it can be when residents find pests.

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