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Rowville is an interesting eastern suburb of Melbourne. We used to be well known for the Waverly Football Ground just down the road. These days we are better known for some of the best golf courses in Melbourne. There are actually 5 golf courses within a 5-minute drive from Rowville.

Locals know that in recent years we have seen the development of large factories and distribution centres in the area. While this has created great job opportunities for locals it has increased the number of pests we see.

Warehouses tend to attract rats, mice and pigeons that use the opportunity to build nests. Spiders are attracted to this area as well. The lighting around these sheds attracts insects in their masses every night.

This provides an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord for pests in the area. However, it has resulted in pests breeding up in extensive numbers and invading local homes and businesses when the conditions are right.

Jim’s Pest Control Rowville – fighting pests daily

Jim’s has been delivering outstanding customer service for nearly 30 years. We are trusted by tens of thousands of customers every week to get the job done right.

We pride ourselves on the great customer service we offer, and we are especially proud of the follow-up service provided by our local business owners.

Our technicians are trained to make contact with you after the service was completed to make sure the pest issue has been resolved. We also like to send out a quick customer feedback survey so you can tell us how we did.

This helps us to identify areas that we can improve on, to make our client’s experience better.

It is why so many people are now calling Jim’s Pest Control to get fast, effective solutions to their pest problems.

Trusted Local

Jim’s Pest Control has been treating pests in Rowville daily for years. We have developed a great knowledge of how pests move about our community.

For instance; did you know that the swamps and marshes by the Eastlink are a great breeding ground for frogs and birds? They are attracted to the area due to the large number of insects that breed there.

During the summer months, the noise that the frogs make in this area is almost deafening. The noise is a good indication to locals that it is time to get their pest control done. They know they will be soon invaded by spiders, mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches.

This is why so many Rowville residents call Jim’s as they know we are very skilled at dealing with these pests.

Meet your local business owner

John Walsh has been living and working in the Rowville community for years, and he owns and operates the local Jim’s Pest Control in Rowville. He is very knowledgeable about the pests we see in our community and where they like to hide.

As well as being a very experienced pest technician, clients love the personal touches he offers on his services.

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