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Stanhope Gardens in the North West of Sydney is a great place to raise a family. We have great parks in the area that locals love walking along. Unlike other suburbs of Sydney, residents enjoy back yards and quite often keep pets.

Pets are great but there are some things that you must consider. Pet food left out overnight will attract pests like rats and mice. Given a regular food source, these will quickly breed up in large numbers.

During the day food that is left out will attract starving birds. Did you know that birds will quite happily eat dog and cat food? This regular food source is just what they need to feed their chicks.

These are reasons why we are seeing significant rises in the number of pests in the local area.

Pest Control Stanhope Gardens – local knowledge

Local knowledge of how pests behave in the Stanhope Gardens community is critical to the success of a pest control program. Pests will always behave differently from location to location in Sydney.

Some of the reasons for this are;

  1. Construction of buildings varies in each suburb
  2. Food sources are different in each location
  3. Locations of water sources
  4. The amount of rubbish in the area

So when selecting a pest control provider you should look for a local that has this knowledge.

Jim’s Pest Control had been operating in the Stanhope Gardens area for several years. In this time we have developed a great understanding of pests commonly found in our community.

When pests invade your home or business, we know exactly where to look for them. This experience helps us to easily identify entrance points. We know why the pests are attracted to your home or business.

What you can do to help reduce pests around Sydney’s North West

Pests are attracted to your home or business for basic reasons, like food and shelter. There are some quick easy fixes that you can do to reduce pests entering your home.

Some examples are;

  • Install weather strips to doors
  • Put pet food into sealed containers
  • Wipe down bench tops every day
  • Fly screens should be installed on all windows
  • Wash dishes daily.

These simple things you can do will significantly reduce the attractiveness for pests.

Meet your local pest control Stanhope Gardens expert

Vinny is your local Jim’s Pest Control business owner in the Stanhope Gardens area. He is fully trained and licensed in all aspects of pest control. Vinny is experienced and has serviced thousands of clients in the area.

He prides himself on delivering exceptional customer service. His clients love the fact that he is not happy until the pests are gone.

As he is a local, he likes to support other family-run businesses in the area. You will quite often spot him in the Stanhope Gardens shops.

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Pest Control Stanhope Gardens

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